It’s one thing being really ill, but another being really ill and all alone.

Yes beeble, I’m ill again (I think my blog is over populated with my health posts, shoot me now!)

It all started with an ear infection, then my throat became dry and things were hard to swallow, then I got migranes, then my eyes became heavy and my stomach hurt, then my nose started becoming a water fall, then suddenly it was hard to breathe, and now I’m coughing up green mucus from my chest.

& I’ve just ran out of medication (well I have 6 panadol pills left, but they are crap)

I called my brother and asked him if he could come to my apartment to take me to get more medication and he said no, he doesn’t wanna drive 30 minutes into the city centre for his little ill sister!

My mom calls me every few hours to check up on me, demanding I go back to the doctor as I had broncitus before and I probably have it again. I went to the doctor at the start of the week and all he told me was to rest and drink lots of fluids… I have but I just keep getting worse. I can’t even sleep properly and end up sleeping sat up on bed for a few hours then wake up in a coughing fit before passing out again.

I called the doctors near my grandfathers house and booked an appointment for Monday so I hope he gives me some anti-biotics or something to numb the pain, it’s a bitch to try and breathe… I should get an oxygen mask or something!

& why is it that I always pick up all the frikin bugs that come along?


  1. awwwwwww! salamaaaaat
    I hope you get well sooooon

    I have a mandatory course to attend tomorrow (from work) and I am sleepy but too tired to sleep! Does that make any sense?

    Why on my weekend WHY!

  2. U really should have seen a doctor that would give you some meds.. you always get screwed over like this!

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