Chewy is so adorable, I stayed at my grandfather’s house last night and leaving later this afternoon and this morning, Chewy was headbutting my bedroom window then bashing his tail on the door to wake up me hahaha. When I came through to the living room, he went NUTS! Running around the house then jumping on me and I tickled him and he made this silly face hehehe


I love that little nutcase, I can’t believe he’s nearly 2 years old!


  1. hehe i dont know who’s cuter, chewy or you in your fluffy blue slippers =)

  2. @Jacqui – totally 😀

    @barrak – erm… I don’t read arabic!

    @sally – haha I was in my PJ’z and fluffy blue slippers hehehe but chewy is cuter 😛

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