Movie playing? Yep *grins like a kid*

Maltesers at your side? Of course!

Diet Coke at the ready? Oui, bien sur!

A perfect night lying in bed, watching the cartoon Horton Hears A Who and chilling out when you need it the most 🙂


  1. I’m planning an outline to a research paper, and I’d do anything to watch a movie in bed and overdose on Snickers and Coca Cola *sigh*

  2. Heyyy Ananyah!

    Looks like a cool movie, i watched the trailer.. but i cant find the torrent file in mininova.. mind telling from where u got it hun :*

  3. @Sou – take a break then, just like I have 🙂

    @Marzouq – it’s a cute movie!

    @Lolita – it is cool, I didn’t watch all of it last nite, keeping some for this afternoon. I’m streaming it from online 🙂

    @::: ShoSho ::: – yah it is hehehe

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