The past few days have been crazy wonderful! I’ve had so much fun but no time to blog all about it and there are so many funny stories such as going to McDonalds at 4am, or a random girl putting her arms around me and saying “you are so gorgeous” and then another random girl telling me and a guy I was with that we looked adorable sucking our candy sticks! But my highlight was seeing this hot asian actor in a nightclub we were in, standing right next to me! He was ultra hotter in real life *swooon*

Back in the real world, work today was great, I really like it and I’m kept busy which is always good! I have my first thesis meeting on Thursday and I’m kinda freaking out about it! This week will be busy as well and then this weekend too! So much to do, so little time!

I’ll try and find time to blog more but in the mean time, gros bisous :*


  1. OMG who was that asian actor ?
    i wanna know him, maybe he is one of my favorite asian actors LOL

  2. @nono – yah crazy crazy weekend hehe all set to repeat next weekend too 😛

    @Marzouq – tell me about it!

    @reem – He’s a british asian actor so don’t think you know him. He’s pretty new on the acting scene, Atta Yaqub

    @Jacqui – yah tell me about it!

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