March 2008


This morning I get a phone call from my mother singing Happy Birthday…. sweet of her to do that, except she got the date wrong! You would have thought my own mother would know when my birthday was! The conversation happened like this:

Me: Hello
Mom: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, you look like a monkey…
Me: Erm today isn’t my birthday
Mom: Yes it is
Me: *half asleep* My birthday is on Tuesday
Mom: Today is April 1st
Me: No today is Monday 31st
Mom: Oh I guess I’ll call you again tomorrow then!
Me: *laughs so hard* okay then!

Poor thing, I’ll never let her live that down 😛

But yes, I am 26 in a matter of hours (& yes I’m an April Fool) and this is the first year that I’m not actually doing anything on my actual birthday. I am spending my actual birthday in court… yup I have to go to court tomorrow at 10:30am for Jury Duty *yawn* I’m pretty excited though hahaha, plus I’m ill… I have tonsillitius and blocked sinuses so that’s dragging me down a bit 🙁

On Friday a friend from University in Aberdeen is coming to visit me and we’re gonna spend the afternoon eating and shopping. Saturday, my other friend (since we were 12 in Kuwait) is coming down from Aberdeen and we’ll probably go to another random nightclub like we did a few weekends ago.

After my jury duty is over (I have no clue how long it will last for, maybe a day or maybe a week), I’m heading to Paris for a while to escape the UK. I haven’t been to Paris since last summer so it will be good to go back, even though my days will be filled with researching and writing my thesis but at least it will be in a different environment, and Paris is always best in the Spring time 😉

I was leaving my apartment to go to my grandfather’s house when all I see are police all around the area where I stay. I stand watching police helicopters, horses, motorbikes, vans everywhere! Then all of a sudden I hear the noise, the drums, the singing, the shouting. I instantly grab my camera and start shooting what I saw around me….

An Anti-War parade to mark the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War and to demand the withdrawl of troops from Iraq and Afganistan, freedom for Palestine and Lebanon as well as protesting that George Bush is the World’s #1 Terrorist. It was very surreal watching it especially seeing young and old, people from different faiths and backgrounds all coming together to support this cause.












Amazing is an under-estimate! These guys rocked, I’m still on a high 3 days after the event! After standing for like 4 hours, I ended up screaming like a little school girl when they came on, we were right at the front next to the stage, singing along (badly!) to their songs, catching a rose (which is now sadly dead, but I’m still keeping it!) thrown to me by Nathan (get clued up on Boyz II Men will you!), then another thrown to me by Wayna which shortly afterwards got grabbed by some bitch behind me and she ripped the head off the rose, I later threw the green stem and thorns in her face, nearly getting crushed by people dancing and singing.. not to mention nearly passing out due to the heat… but it was worth it!

The best part was actually MEETING THEM! Yes, you heard it! I MET BOYZ II MEN! Shawn, Nathan & Wayna (and for your information, Michael is no longer in Boyz II Men due to the fact he has a really bad back condition). The guys signed my ticket, I got a picture taken with them & my friend, and they also signed our VIP passes 😀 I was so shocked actually meeting them, holding there hands that I forgot to smile when the picture was taken *cries*

Edit: I’ve uploaded tons of pictures so beware and I’m slowly uploading videos which will be put in another post at a later date 😀






The past few days have been crazy wonderful! I’ve had so much fun but no time to blog all about it and there are so many funny stories such as going to McDonalds at 4am, or a random girl putting her arms around me and saying “you are so gorgeous” and then another random girl telling me and a guy I was with that we looked adorable sucking our candy sticks! But my highlight was seeing this hot asian actor in a nightclub we were in, standing right next to me! He was ultra hotter in real life *swooon*

Back in the real world, work today was great, I really like it and I’m kept busy which is always good! I have my first thesis meeting on Thursday and I’m kinda freaking out about it! This week will be busy as well and then this weekend too! So much to do, so little time!

I’ll try and find time to blog more but in the mean time, gros bisous :*