You may have realised that I’ve been a little pre-occupied lately and haven’t been posting much except music, cupcakes and the odd post on a good day. The reason is that I’ve been working my butt off to finish my last 4 classes of my masters and today I got the results!

I PASSED! I’m seriously so happy because there were so many ups and downs especially when I got ill and took time out and did a semester over again cause of that. I seriously thought I messed up on a few of my projects, had several breakdowns along the way, and of course all nighters! But now the end is near and I can’t wait *jumps up and down*

I still need to do my thesis, but could only start that when I got all my marks and know that I’ll be graduating in July and now I have to try and piece together everything that I’ll be doing in my 15,000 word thesis which I decided to base on Computer Crime with the following title below:

‘What is the level of awareness and understanding amongst ordinary people of computer crime? Are they able to protect themselves against it?’

Should be interesting and of course all you readers will be my lab mice along the way as I’ll need to give out questionnaires regarding computer crime n all 😀

2008 is AMAZING! 7umdullah x 100 trillion million


  1. Mabrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook youre getting close to the finish line at last 😀 Hope 2008 treats u well till the end and beyond!

  2. congrats babe!!! I’m sooo happppy for u! U truly deserve a great year!!

  3. @Sou – allah yibarak feeech!

    @Marzouq – I’m more excited about Stage 2 😀

    @S – I hope so too!

    @F.. – mwaaah thhhhhx!

    @missy – *dances*

    @Laialy_q8 – yaay me!

    @nono – hahaha 😀

    @Zabo0o6a – thhhx ;*

    @Doll – allah yibarak feeech 😀

    @Jacqui – oh I’ve been tempted SO many times to write a “I LOVE 2008” post but I’ll wait until everything I want to achieve this year has been done

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