A few weeks ago my mom, grandfather & I decided to go shopping in Ikea and another nearby store to buy a new Washing Machine for my grandfather. As my mom flew over, she didn’t have her car… so the driving was left up to my grandfather who is 82.

As we were parking near Ikea, my grandfather didn’t even bother to look how he was parked and ended up parking at a 45 degree angle basically taking up 2 spaces and when my mom & I got out the car, we just looked at eachother like WTF and my mom told him to reverse out and park again.

After he reversed, he came in too wide and ended up hitting the back of a silver car parked next to him and he doesn’t bother to stop, he continues to drive and I’m shouting at him to stop as he was nearly on the pavement, where I was standing, but no he still doesn’t and ends up 5cm away from hitting my legs before stopping! My mom was seriously pissed off, and checked the silver car and luckily there was no damage to it but my grandfather’s expression was like “What did I do?!”.

After buying a new Washing Machine, we head back in the car, with him driving again to another store at the other side of the town. The traffic was pretty bad so he decides to take a short cut, as we were going along the road, he ends up driving in the middle of the road! My mom kept telling him to pull into the left a bit because cars and buses were coming down the other side of the road but he still wouldn’t listen! It was like he had some death wish :S

We soon arrived at the other store, and looked around for new flooring (he is getting a new kitchen installed) before heading back home. On the road back, I kept holding onto the seat and making sure I had my cell phone close to me incase anything happened. He normally drives really slowly, but for some reason he was driving at a “normal person” speed which is kinda scary.

As he was approaching a round-a-bout, there were cars infront breaking but he doesn’t start slowing down and we’re telling him to start breaking, but no! He leaves it til the last minute to break really hard and with me head butting the front seat head rest and him narrowily missing the Mercedes infront of us! But that’s not the end of it… as he was driving near home, he ends up being too far to the left and mounts the pavement before swerving to the right and saying “Oh Shit”. Finally, we made it back to his house in one piece and as soon as mom & I got out the car, we looked at eachother like “WTF IS GOING ON”. It was pretty scary, sure we were laughing about it afterwards but damn he shouldn’t be driving!

I haven’t set foot in his car since that episode and I really don’t want too again *shiver*


  1. Maybe you guys should look into another way for him to transport himself, sometimes no matter how old or young they are they can put others in danger. Remember that episode of Grey’s Anatomy?

  2. You lazy bum! You should get your license already and he shouldn’t be driving!!! What the hell were you guys thinking letting him continue to drive! Damn!!!

  3. I have to say your grandpa is an ambitious guy to have all of these changes at his house while he is 82. Long live grandpa 🙂

  4. Your poor grandfather is trying to be “the man” but he is too embarrassed to tell you he can’t really drive anymore. His peripheral vision is shot, he can’t hear so well, and his reactions aren’t what they used to be.

    How do I know? I had the same experience with my father. He drove my Volvo to the airport to pick me up and was so exhausted from the stress, he slept all the way home AND went straight to bed. It had never occurred to me that his skills would diminish so much, but . . . yeh, you are going to have to step up to the plate, dear one. Get that driver’s license. You can do it.

    I didn’t do it until I was 25!

  5. Wait, your judging your grandpa’s driving while you yourself don’t have a license to drive ?

    Even if you do, you own two X chromosomes. Genetically speaking you can’t drive as half good as your grandpa !

    LOL J/K

  6. @Sou – :'(

    @Laialy_q8 – yah he really shouldn’t but he does hehe

    @Jacqui – well he took the bus for a while, but he can’t walk much and the bus stop is a little far and then their is always the taxi option, but that’s not so feasible as he lives outta the way of the shops. My brother takes him around sometimes though.

    @Marzouq – I am learning, a manual is hard tho!

    @mishref – true, but he is re-decorating the house so that when he dies, the house gets more value. Yes, he talks about dying all the time!

    @Intlxpatr – That’s a shame but yes I guess you are right and he should give up but he doesn’t really have any other options! I need to get my license soon hehe

    @mishref – haha well I never really needed a license, when I came of age, I was in boarding school in England, then my University was next door to my apartment and in the city centre and it’s the same where I am now.

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