I’m ill (AGAIN!) for around 2 weeks a bug has been lingering and last night it suddenly hit me like a bus and I’ve been in bed ever since feeling sorry for myself, doped up with medication to help me breathe, stop my constant migrane and my bones from hurting. I can’t even eat cause I feel ill when I look at food and I can’t taste anything anyway *ugh* At least when my mom was over, she looked after me and made me chicken soup and forced me to eat something, now I have to force myself out of bed to do anything. My voice is breaking up too and I look like a mummy that just came back from the dead, NOT a good look!

I think I have a fever, my head is hot but I’m freezing… uggggh what joys 🙁



  1. Missy-TheOriginal Reply

    That sucks; it’ll take its toll and leave soon enshallah. Take it easy.

  2. I just typed this long, drawn out comment – but it got eaten because I didn’t fill in my e-mail address and url.
    The short and sweet version:
    Feel better soon! xoxo A

  3. Drink Za’tar (herb thingie) with Ginger it is really great for your voice ow sickness.

    Sallamat Swweeeeetiie ma eshoofeen shar !

  4. Salamaat! I have no clue why you keep getting sick!! Maybe its the cold, or your not eating enough proteins! loool

  5. @Laialy_q8 – I just always seem to pick up bugs!

    @Missy-TheOriginal – thx dear, I’m feeling better

    @::: ShoSho ::: – thx dear 😀

    @Angela – thanks! sorry about getting eaten lol hows things on your side? did you confront him?

    @Sou – *hugs*

    @shopa – I’ll try ;**

    @Mayari – Do they sell Za’tar here? I dunno the english version of it

    @Marzouq – me neither!

    @Jacqui – allah y3salmich

    @Angela – thx hehe taken on one of my better days 😛

    @nono – aww get well soon xoxox

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