In honor of Valentine’s Day, I decided to try make Red Velvet cupcakes and give them to my Valentine’s this year (my bestest friends the twirlies, noura and shopa) to boycott men in favor of cupcakes 😛

I decorated each cupcake differently, some with sprinkles, some with chopped strawberries and some with the names of my Valentine’s on them, but all with vanilla buttercream and the gawwjus red cupcake color 😀

& here are the end results:










I’ll be making another batch of cupcakes soon and if you’re interested in the recipe then email me 😀


  1. micha, the cupcakes r irresistible i want mine now! thanks alot for keeping ur promise and baking me cupcakes for valentine’s hehehe i love it, mine has the most strawberries so im happy 😀
    Happy valentine’s day :**
    love ya wayed!

  2. @Marzouq – mwaaah ;* you too nut case!

    @nunu – of course I kept my promise, you’re one of my bestestest friends & I love you to bits (tiny strawberries bits!) Love youuuuuuuu moreeee ;*

  3. @Jacqui – I have a whole box of strawberries in the fridge & all those cupcakes to eat hahaha

    @moods – your’s is in the next batch hamham *hug* you weren’t on msn tonight! too much pizza eh?

  4. @Laialy_q8 – ooooh *cries* next batch I promise!

    @Dreamy – they are oo allah y3feech

    @Rashisha – I’ll post it up soon, I’m thinking to re-open my recipe section hehee

    @Ansam – Happy Thursdayyyyy, today is my CSI day!

    @shopa – same to you cupcake ;**

    @Mayari – hahaha you use vanilla pod seeds or vanilla extract to make the vanilla taste 😛

  5. I remember red velvet cake type of things from back home. Do you think they will still be good if you mail me one to Kuwait? By the way, where is mine? Someone said I was a Twirlie.

  6. @Beautiful Stranger – thhhx u 2 :*

    @Sam – samsam *hugs* red velvet cake is AWESOME & no the buttercream would be all yucky and squashed! I’ll bake you one in the next batch, and you’re our bodyguard remember! mwaah :*

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