… ended up with me playing around with a whole loada makeup I rarely use!

& this is the end result



  1. The anatomy of an eye is really awesome, but did anyone get Lord Of The Rings flashbacks?

    I guess I stared into the blackness for too long.

  2. you’re using colored lens or is it your original color of retina?

    erk.. is it a retina or ..bla bla.. sorry, im clueless. okay lets just say it as eyes.

    sorry im stooopppp -id! haha lol

  3. Mashalla nice eyes…Is that a yellow shadow blended with… hmm I cannot tell really 😛

    I rarely notice this in people, but Micha your eyes need no makeup!

  4. @Marzouq – lol

    @suspic – Lord of the Rings?! hahaha

    @Jacqui – merci hun :*

    @nono – it’s my natural eye color 😀

    @Laialy_q8 – my eye color? it’s a mix between grey and blue 😛

    @Mayari – haha no the yellow is part of the flash or eyelash movement lol. I rarely wear eye makeup, at most I wear mascara and a little eyeliner 😛

  5. If you ever get to come to Oman or me to Scotland i’m going to have my hands on your eyes and do them for real! there is so much i can do to enhance the beauty of them..

    You’ve done a good job.. nice color you’ve got there – mashallah..

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