I stayed up all night to watch the Super Bowl and damn it was a good match! Playing the New England Patriots, the Giants were 7-3 down at half time but managed to win 17-14. Eli Manning is amazing after hitting a 13-yard fade with 35 seconds left and showed all his critics that he can deliver! He was subsequently named the Most Valuable Player of the Super Bowl XLII and was awarded the MVP trophy following the game.

Tom Brady of the Patriots wasn’t so lucky! He got sacked 5 times during the match and seemed to be outta it during the 1st 3 Quaters of the match and got bruised and battered! Gisele will make him feel better later tonight tho hahaha (yah he’s dating Gisele the supermodel).

So all in all, it was an exciting match, I screamed at the TV like a fool because you didn’t know who was gonna win as one minute the Patriots had the lead then the Giants then the Patriots but the right team won in the end!






  1. Hell yeah they won and it was in the last minute! Damn.. I just saw the last half before going back to sleep!

  2. so that’s the new hype nowadays ?

    marra bball marra hokey marra armstrong cycling marra bodybuilding

    what about simple winning eleven on ps2 ? vintage sport people!

  3. @Marzouq – *dances*

    @MSB – me too! eat that tom brady!

    @mishref – I’m a F1 and NFL kinda girl, occasionally football gets in the way lol. NFL isn’t a hype, it’s been popular with tens of millions for years and years I guess it got highlighted more this year because the Patriots had a perfect season and won all their matches until the bitter end.

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