Walking along the street today with mama, we suddenly faced a blizzard of rain and hail stones along with really strong winds. We were getting blown around like we were feathers and I couldn’t help burst out laughing at me blowing around everywhere not to mention getting hit in the face with ice and jumping over and around puddles of rain water!

But damn it was cold, really really cold and I just switched on 6 heaters in my apartment making my own mini-sauna getting all toasty warm but not to the point of suffocation! I really don’t understand weather, why can’t it be all nice and sunny all the time?!

In other news….

I’m being a nurse to my mom. She called me just before getting on the plane in Paris asking me to get her an emergency dental appointment after breaking 2 of her pre-molars and was doped up on Panadol. So the next day, she got an appointment at 8:30am and I went to hold her hand (I mean laugh at her being scared) and ended up getting one tooth pulled out. I was more scared than my mom watching the dentist tug and pull away at her tooth, the dental nurse started laughing at my facial expressions but omg it was scary watching *faint* She has to go back again next week for work on her other tooth but there is no frikin way I’m going in with her! I’ve been making her soup and getting her painkillers like a good little daughter 😛

But bad news on my brother, after turning 30 last week, he was due to move into a new apartment with his girlfriend but the day before getting the keys, the police contacted the owner to let them know that the apartment was broken into and a water heater was stolen, thus flooding the whole double story apartment with water. The living room ceiling collapsed, the bathroom ruined and all flooring destroyed. Luckily, they didn’t move any furniture to the new apartment or else that would have been stolen as well, so they are lucky in a way. So, they posponed moving in together for the time being until they can arrange a new apartment. I feel sorry for them because they already went out buying paint and other accessories for the new place and they are bummed about it.

In couch potato news, I’ve regained my love for collapsing on the sofa watching tv and pigging out on banana sandwiches, haribo candy and water melon oh and of course, my first love, mr. diet coke 🙂 I had a 6 hour TV marathon tonight with my mom, I just started watching a new TV show called “CLOSE TO HOME” created by Jerry Bruckheimer (the man behind CSI) where Annabeth Chase is a criminal prosecutor with a near perfect conviction record and it revolves around her balancing her career and family life in the mid-sized city of Indianapolis. I really love the show and so far watched up to episode 9 of Season 1 and gonna download the next season.

& I miss my dad, he’s in Dubai right now for a few days on biz biz *waves*


  1. ok i need a dentist appointment sooooooooon, i broke my tooth months ago “dont ask how” and i need to get it fixed 🙁 i always forget!!

    glad that ur mom is feeling better now oo glad ur being a good daughter, not that im surprised cuz u always take care of me hehehe

    ooo about ur brother “no comment” U KNOW WHY 😛

    i want haribo candy too 🙁 and i want some good movies to watch! i downloaded “arctic tale”, watched a few mins then stopped.. dunno why.. :\ .. oo i always watch “close to home” on tv, its nice!

  2. aw I hate dentist I literally do!

    hope she get well soon,

    I’ve been watching couple of movies recently which I loved, sadly there wasnt any couch or haribo candy 🙁

  3. It seems things are jogging along which is good! And the weather has been weird here too! Things have been hectic!

    I want to ride but the weather is crazy here!

    I want a week off for a TV marathon!

  4. I hope your mommy feels better soon… Like “now” soon :p
    I hate going to the dentist lol!

    about ur brother :O .. Inshalla they’ll find a better apartment!

    ur dadddddy’s heeeeeeeRe yaaiY ;p you should’ve came here too! Well, your excused this time but next time you HAVE TO COME TO DUBAI ;P

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