I got a letter last week to inform me that my name has been selected for potential jury service and I’m pissed! Ever since I came back to the UK to study, I made an effort not to sign up to vote (because it’s pointless since all governments fuck up) thus staying under the radar from anything related to governmental duties.

However, when I moved into my apartment, I started getting junk mail through the door and my mom decided to register me to vote WITHOUT telling me. Now, in the UK once you register to vote that creates all this other stuff to happen, like frikin JURY DUTY! I now NEED to sign this form I got and there is no way I can get outta Jury Duty unless I’m a convicted felon, a drug addict, a mental nutcase (hmm maybe?!) or over 65 *sigh*


If my name gets picked outta the hat and I have to go to court, I better get something juicy like a murder or something not some stupid teenager who shoplifted and waste my time! They have two years in which the court can use and abuse me if my name is pulled out of the list and I’m hoping it won’t be!

I blame my mother, damnit!


  1. Missy-TheOriginal Reply

    Your view towards the corrupt governments is sound but this might be a chance for you to do something good to someone’s life and do what’s right which is then reflected at the ‘people’ of your country that have nothing to do with their corrupt government.

    Go and make it right…

  2. @Jacqui – I know 🙁

    @Laialy_q8 – or those jury movies where the murder suspect hunt down the jury members and tries to kill them all off 😛

    @Marzouq – wait and see 😛

    @Missy-TheOriginal – it all depends on if and when I get to court & what type of case I’ll be jurying

    @chikapappi – I’ll update you with how it is 😛

    @MSB – depends on the case!

    @suspic – hahahha no can do!

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