Staring Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicolson, The Bucket List tells the story of two terminally ill cancer patients who decide to break out of the hospital and live their last days to the fullest. Edward Cole (Nicholson) is a corporate billionaire who is currently sharing a hospital room with blue-collar mechanic Carter Chambers (Freeman). Though initially the pair seems to have nothing in common, conversation gradually reveals that both men have a long list of goals they wish to accomplish before they kick the bucket, and an unrealized desire to discover what kind of men they really are.

With a checklist that includes playing the poker tables in Monte Carlo, consuming copious amounts of caviar, racing the fastest machines on four wheels, and much more, these two terminally ill men will do their best to fit a lifetime of experience into their last remaining days while forging an unlikely, but truly remarkable, friendship.

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This movie was extremely entertaining telling the story of 2 men who became freinds under the worst circumstances and learnt so much from eachother. I couldn’t stop laughing in areas, then the next thing you know the movie becomes sad and you can’t help but feel sorry for the characters. Both Jack Nicolson & Morgan Freeman fitted the roles well and show just what amazing actors they truly are!

It’s a must-see movie & currently the #1 movie in the US Box Office.

[rating: 4.5]


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