Coming home from my grandfather’s house yesterday was an experience I shall never forget & I’m thankful I’m still alive to write this! I got on the bus with my little suitcase at the same time the local high school nearby was finishing for the day, so naturally the bus was really busy, plus there was a group of about 10 old ladies (hence forth known as grannies). You couldn’t move on the bus so I had to stand up, along with around 9 other people and these 4 school kids were blocking the place where you store your luggage so I asked them to move for a minute so I could put it there. Everything was fine until the bus driver started moving off again and god damn he was an idiot!

He turned corners like he was part of Formula 1 (that or he had ants in his pants!) and he wouldn’t slow down. The little bell people press to get off was ringing like crazy and slowly the school kids were getting off. The driver seemed to be pissed at the fact he actually had to stop to let people off! He flew next to the bus stops then pushed on the breaks so hard that everyone was flying everywhere! I nearly fell down several times and was holding on for dear life, the poor old grannies rang the bell to stop and once again he screamed on the brakes and these old grannies were falling all over the place and had to get helped up. The driver didn’t even bother to wait a few minutes after they were off the bus, as soon as the last little old granny put her foot on the curbside, the driver closed the doors and sped up again with the rest of the passengers having to endure more of him!

More corners came, the faster he seemed to get! I finally managed to get a seat and started smsing my friends to tell them what was doing on, I head butted myself on the railings a few times due to the idiot as well as nearly falling out of the chair at one corner! Seriously dude was crazy!

A gang of teenagers came on the bus and started screaming being all “teenage like” so the driver then felt hell bent on trying to kill us all and sped up more and more and even went through a RED LIGHT! I put on my iPod to try calm me down and listened to T-Pain and Kanye West really really loud to block out those idiots then my iPod runs out of batteries- damn it!.

A few more smses later detailing my ordeal & I hear one of the guys at the back of the bus scream “OMG HE’S GETTING A BLOW JOB” and I’m thinking to myself don’t look back, don’t look back and I wonder when I’ll be back in the comfort of my own apartment! Eventually those idiots got off, still no word on if he really did get a blow job at the back of the bus but I didn’t really want to imagine that ugh!

More people got off the bus and soon I was the last man woman standing sitting and it was my time to get off at the very last stop. I got the hell outta the bus and made sure I never saw him again (well I need to figure that bit out!)

Dude had issues!


  1. Missy-TheOriginal Reply

    lol Cast your eyes Ladies & Gents, we present to you the bus from hell, 1 ticket to hades driven by lucifer himself!

  2. liking it mish….can just imagine the roller bags flying everywhere, accompanied by the tartan scarves and sensible choes of various flying grannies!!

  3. @Swair – totally 🙁

    @Missy-TheOriginal – *sigh* I survived tho! I survivvved!

    @Adooooom – hahaha ur text messages back were cracking me up lol

  4. That is insane, where the hell did that guy have to go? And why didn’t you file a damn complaint against his ass!!! He should get fired!!!

  5. @Jacqui – just a bit!

    @nono – it wasn’t if you were a passenger!

    @Marzouq – wasn’t worth it, I dunno his bus number or name!

    @rashisha – *cries*

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