Steve Jobs just introduced the company’s new MacBook Air computer, calling it the “world’s thinnest notebook.” Closed, at its thickest point, it’s about three-quarters of an inch thick, according to a diagram the Apple CEO showed. At its thinnest point, it’s about 0.16 inches, the company says. The announcement confirms the persistent rumors leading up to today’s Macworld Expo keynote. Jobs says will cost from $1,799 and will be available in two weeks.


Technical specs

• .16 to .75-inch thickness on top
• 3 pounds
• 5 hours of battery life with everything running
• Intel Core 2 Duo Processor at 1.6 or 1.8GHz, motherboard the length of a pencil
• 13.3-inch screen, LED backlit.
• 2GB RAM standard
• 1.8-inch 80GB HD or 64GB HD.
• Multitouch trackpad with gestures. Pans, zooms, rotates, etc.
• 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1
• Optional external HD for $99, USB-bus powered.
• Full backlit keyboard

Note: There is no capability to play CD/DVD’s on the actual laptop, therefore the MacBook Air SuperDrive will need to be purchased for $99 to be able to use externally.

Overall, the new look is hot. The only thing I see wrong with it is the inability to play CD/DVD’s from the actual laptop, but that’s the price you have to pay for being thin!

To find out more about the Macbook Aircheck Apple’s website out


  1. it weighs almost nothing and packs some good features.. it light weight, not powerful but really does the job for the mobile user!

  2. Grrr, I was planning on saving up to get one, but the external CD/DVD thingie is a total turn off *sigh* Why isn’t anything ever perfect nowadays? :/

  3. again, apple come out with some very nice looking, overpriced, crap.

    yup, its a load of crap, sorry to say. no dvd player, one usb port, etc etc.

    it does look pretty though.

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