My sleep pattern is all over the place and for once, I actually slept rather early than normal *cough* 3:30am but was woken at 8am by some annoying workmen and a huge drill right outside my bedroom.

I put my head under the covers but could still hear the drill. Why the hell would workmen drill a hole in the road on a frikin Sunday morning? It’s supposed to be like a day of rest- and I needed it!

So after 30 mins of hearing a drill and wondering when it was ever going to stop, I remembered my mom bought my dad this snoring kit as a joke for Christmas and he left it here. In the kit, there were a pair of ear plugs so I decided to stick them in my ears and voila, I couldn’t hear a thing- well I could hear me breathing!.

I went back to bed and slept like a baby, and woke up at 3pm… over slept, maybe?

Ear Plugs are my new best friend!



  1. I have a friend who is addicted to ear plugs. They are always a part of her night rituals. I can’t do them. I hate them.

  2. @shopa – they popped in & out every so often. It felt weird having them in but at least I managed to get some sleep!

  3. Next time I suggest you go to sleep with music playing using noise canceling in ear headphones 😛

  4. @Marzouq – ur as messed up as me 😛

    @TAT – can’t do that 🙁

    @Laialy_q8 – they are funky hehee

    @nono – you wouldn’t wanna taste it!

    @Rashisha – oh yes u do!

    @MSB – sorry 😛

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