My dad’s flight was due in at 11pm last night so mama & I headed to the airport to pick him up. I was wearing my PJ’s and couldn’t be bothered to get changed so I jumped in the car with a can of diet coke and drove over an hour to get to the airport he was getting into to.

When we got there, his flight was delayed by 45 minutes so we headed to the only place open in the airport at that hour, a bar and I grabbed an espresso to warm up (it was frikin cold and I was shivering!) and mama got a hot chocolate.

As we were sitting down, there were 2 police men interviewing this random looking guy along with a member of the airport security and being the nosy person that I am, I was staring and trying to listen to what was going on, with no results. 20 minutes later, I was still staring and trying to listen, then he just walked away from the police. Damn it!

But a few minutes later…

While mama & I were sitting drinking, this drunk (or drugged up) guy staggers towards us, then turns around and heads to another table, picks up a pint of beer that was left over by someone else and starts drinking it, throws the glass on the table and walks away.

5 minutes later, he comes back and buys a pint of beer, puts it on a table along with a backpack and walks away on his mobile for nearly 10 minutes while I’m looking at this backpack abandoned and looking out for the guy thinking that something fishy is going on, my CSI instincts were coming out and tons of theories were going through my head such as:

1. Maybe there is a bomb in the bag and his mobile is the detonator
2. Maybe there is drugs in his bag and the pint of beer is the sign for the pick-up dude to know where they are

Yes, I have a vivid imagination, but this was nearly 12am, in an airport, with a strange guy acting very bizzarly with an abadonded backpack. I kept staring at it and searching for the guy, then stopped 2 police men patroling the airport and thought about telling them about the backpack and just as I stood up to go tell them, the random guy comes back with a sandwich and sits down to drink the beer.

Stupid idiot! I mean don’t you know you’re not supposed to leave baggage unattended?!

My dad finally turned up at 12:05am, kissed our cheeks à la french style before heading off into the darkness

& the comfort of a warm car!


  1. Man. You should have told the cops and got him into trouble, then u can sit down and enjoy the action!

  2. “my CSI instincts” LOL I know what you mean heehee…. man we are watching TOO MUCH TV!!!

  3. next time jump the guy from the back and kick his ass… u waited 10 mins to actually do something… the place would have exploded by then 😛

    On another note, hope ur dad had a safe flight and arrived safely 🙂

  4. @Jacqui – 😀

    @Midoe – My mom told me too and when I was just about too, he came back!

    @Ansam – tell me about it!

    @Fonzy – I know, but thank god it didn’t & yes he did 😀

  5. You went waaaaayyy out there! hahaha! I think the cold got to you! hahaha! If I were you I would have told the cops something strange is going on!

    Hey I can’t comment on any of your previous posts for some reason!

  6. @Marzouq – maybe it did 😛 I was going to the cops then he came back hehehe and I closed commenting on older than 7 days I think, but just took it down now since it was annoying me too 😛

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