I ate like a little piggie today thanks to my mom’s cooking 😛


Just looking at the photos makes me hungry all over!


  1. Yummmmmmy …Can you believe that yesterday i was sooooo into the food after it was all gone and the dishes were put away i was like…HEY I FORGOT TO TAKE PICSSSS 🙁 IT WAS YUMMMMMMMMMMMY Hope YOu Had A MErry X-mas 😀

  2. am hungry now 🙁 but that turkey sure looks gooooood. whats that for desert? looks like some M&Ms treat 😛

  3. @Sou – sorry 😛

    @chikapappi – eeeek! whyyyy

    @suspic – mama liked them 😛

    @nono – *yummmy*

    @Rashisha – I did thanks & we have tons of leftovers 😀

    @Fonzy – It’s a fruit cocktail trifle that mama made. Fruit with strawberry jelly then a layer of custard then a layer of whipped cream and sprinkles. It’s my favourite dessert 😀

    @ammaro.com – hmmm it would be off by the time it would have arrived 😛

    @oranjina fadidra – yah Xmas was great 😀

    @teagirl – I’m hungry again!

    @Ansam – sorrry 😛

    @Jacqui – me too, I’m having it for dinner tonight again 😛

    @KWT23 – hahaha /me hands out some turkey

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