My parents arrived- finally. They were supposed to arrive this afternoon, but instead decided to drive all the way from Paris to Glasgow in one 13 hour go without staying over in London as originally planned. I had to stay awake til 6am this morning to let them into my apartment, so while waiting I was rather productive.

I cleaned my apartment until it was nice and shiny, wrapped up all my xmas gifts I have for my family, tried (unsuccessfully) to fix my wireless router which sucks ass & I need to buy a bigger *cough* expensive one, then watched CSI:Las Vegas & Without a Trace before getting a phone call from baba saying they were around the corner and to get ready to open the security gate.

Needless to say I was uber tired and just flung into bed a few minutes after helping them with their luggage only to awaken a few hours later needing to drink water really really really bad and because it was too warm and got rid of a few layers of clothing before hitting the zZz’s again, then waking up again to hear a car alarm outside my bedroom window, then moments later, my parent’s whispering about me (and I still don’t know about what!) *hmph*

5 hours of sleep is all I got, but baba went out to buy breakfast for us all so that was pretty good (and mine as well) and mama & I headed to the supermarket near my grandfather’s house to start getting everything we need in preperation with Christmas Day.

A hell of a lotta food later, we go to my grandfather’s house (but not before breaking 3 of my nails!) and spend a coupla hours catching up with all his latest gossip & of course annoying Chewy 😀

We headed back to my apartment and dropped off some groceries which are not for Christmas Day, then headed out to do some light shopping, mainly buying chocolate to put in our Christmas goodie gift bags (I bought Thornton’s Belgian Chocolate selection for mama and some random pieces for my brother). An hour later, went to one of my favourite Italian restaurants for dinner, but tonight it wasn’t THAT great and now I’m at home curled up in bed writing this post, my dad is sitting on the sofa snoring his head off, mama is coughing her guts up and moaning she has a cold and CSI: Las Vegas is blaring in the background.

So that was my day, tomorrow baba is flying back to Paris for work (yep he came for 24 hours) and will spend Christmas alone before flying back in time for New Years Eve celebrations which will be amazing

I’ll leave you with some photographs until next time….

Bisous Bisous :*


  1. I love your beautiful Christmas pictures. It seems things are so very busy for you, but it sounds like such a fun time. Happy Holidays to you and the family!

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  3. Merry Christmas!

    By the way, I believe you used to live in the Fintas/Mangaf/Fahaheel area back in the day. Well, we drove down there today, and I barely recognized anything, it has changed so much. It was really spooky being so disoriented in a palce I lived in for like 8 years and used to know my way around with my eyes closed. It was really kind of sad actually.

    Anyway enjoy the holidays and gifts.

  4. @Sou – he is 😀

    @chikapappi – yah wala it is 😀

    @Midoe – thanks, it was 😀

    @rashisha – me neither! all the food and gifts hahaha

    @Pink – hehe thx 😀

    @Marzouq – this week shall be hectic!

    @Jacqui – hahahaha chewy is mineeeee all mine 😛

    @Angela – Thank you so much, things are pretty crazy but this is the 1st time in a few years I’ve been so excited over Christmas lool & you’re welcome 😀

    @Laialy_q8 – “fa la la la laaaa la la la laaaa”

    @Cat – thank you & me too, the more the better 😛

    @missy – thannnxnxnxnxnx 😀

    @Q8Sultana – thanks, you too! I think all of Kuwait has changed since I’ve been back so it’s only natural to feel disorientated 😀

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