I’ve heard the good & the bad viewpoints regarding social-networking sites from both my friends AND my family due to being on the news constantly regarding indentity theft etc, but I for one love it. If you have a secure profile & only accept those who you know and keep personal information (phone number, address bla bla) to a limit, then I think you’re fine.


Having lived all over the world, Facebook enabled me to keep in touch with everyone in the same location, otherwise I’d probably go insane trying to keep in touch with my friends all over the world. It’s a great tool for finding those people you lost touch with, I recently tons of childhood best friends and it’s great reminiscing over the olden days, especially laughing at photographs that we uploaded of eachother (and those high school videos!).

The majority of my Kuwaiti High School class are on facebook, my cousins, childhood friends, University friends and of course some bloggers and “fans” of my blog who I got to know over the years. A new feature on facebook let’s you put your friends into different categories so it’s easier for me to search for them, such as High School friends, Best Friends bla bla 😀


Of course, as facebook is popular, it can create a massive flood of those old hi5 idiots who have a fake profile, have disturbing images, email random people to hook up with them and I hate that part of it. But sadly, this is all part in parcel with having a website like facebook. Maybe they should introduce a way to only allow people to create a profile based on their actual name rather than a nickname, some sort of authentication process to get rid of the idiots!

That reason is why alot of people do not want to use facebook, but again if you have a secure profile that only your friends can see along with only accepting friend requests from people you know, why should you let those idiots bother you?

So that is my rant, I love facebook & the Twirlies even have a secret undercover hidden group *dances*

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  1. Yes we do have our group, nyahahaha!

    My profile’s on super secure mode, and that’s what I love about Facebook, the option to limit my profile from unwanted eyes.

    I wonder when the “Age of Facebook” will come to an end…if it ever will. Hmmmmm….

  2. I totally agree with you sis. Facebook is way more better than Hi5! I just love it!
    I also think that Hi5 should be blocked especially here in Kuwait!

  3. Hey ananyah =)
    I’m on facebook too btw, do you add “fans” of blog who hardly comment?
    haha.. 😀

  4. make sure you secure your limited profile as well I set up mine so only friends can see anything. On another note do you report shady profiles or not? a friend of mine is responsible for closing more than 500 accounts on Hi5. although he didn’t get to facebook yet since he was stupid enough to have his account stolen…

  5. @Sou – Mine too, and I hope facebook doesn’t fade away!

    @chikapappi – Thank god, I rarely get idiots annoying me 😀

    @Midoe – Hi5 should be deleted from the face of the earth and I cannot stand myspace either. They are too easy to abuse and lead of “bad” behaviour.

    @Rashisha – me toooooooooo *dances*

    @Puteri – hehehe use the “CONTACT ME” page and I’ll give you my email address I’m logged in with to add me

    @mishref – where you only let your friends see your profile, view your friends and others either cannot see that your listed, can only see your name, basically like a huge brick wall to get rid of the idiots 😀

    @TAT – Yes I’ve reported some profiles with arab guys with naked pictures and nicknames trying to hit on girls. They bring shame on the website and the people using it for its main purpose!

    @Laialy_q8 – totally 😀

  6. “@mishref – where you only let your friends see your profile, view your friends and others either cannot see that your listed, can only see your name, basically like a huge brick wall to get rid of the idiots biggrin”

    Seems a great idea. I might try it for I while and if I didn’t like I can always deactivate my account right?

  7. @Marzouq – chub! you’ve used my account to be nosy!

    @mishref – Yes you can, if you need any help on how to set up all the privacy stuff lemme know 😀

  8. yeah but for some reason, people are getting bored of it… as i look at the feeds, i dont see as much action as i used to. But i still love it cos as u said, helps keep in touch with everyone

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