For the past few days, there has been an odd feeling inside of me it all started with a constant 3 day migrane that wouldn’t go away with sleep or pills which made me dizzy beyond belief to the point where I felt like I was going to vomit when I moved. It then developed into a really bad stomach pain just above my belly button, I can’t touch my stomach without it being really sore, I still have the constant feeling of “I’m gonna vomit” but I never do, it’s like it is stuck inside of me begging to come out.

Last night it got worse, I could hardly sleep last night and as I’m typing this I keep thinking I’m going to vomit like it is just about to come out of me like a volcano, but it doesn’t. I’m tired and worn out and I just feel that the entire 2007 has been dedicated “WORST HEALTH YEAR EVER”. This year I’ve been in and out of hospital, had god know’s how many tests and blood’s taken, not to mention all the medication I’m on for the foreseeable future and I’m sick of it.

I’m sick of constantly being ill, feeling worn out and having to fight my way through everything.

I just want it all to stop, please?

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  1. Damn girl this is really bad and these doctors aren’t really doing anything for you. Seriously, you need to see a good doctor!

  2. Aww hun….I knw how terrible you must feel, and I really, really, really hope you feel better than ever!!!

    It’s the season to be….sick.

    Get well soon!


  3. i remember reading that you have pcos… are you by any chance taking dianette for it? cos that causes KILLER migraines and nausea…

  4. Im sorry to hear this babes.. it was quite a weird year and you’ve had the worst health year this year than before, at least before when you didn’t know what was wrong with you it was a bit better.

  5. @Laialy_q8 – thx 🙁

    @Marzouq – i seriously hate doctors now cause of everything!

    @Sou – love you too :* I hope I feel better as well!

    @bee – thx *hug*

    @chikapappi – 🙂

    @sousou – no I’m on metformin 3 times a day, ibuprofen 3 times a day and Zantrex 2 times a day.

    @Jacqui – I guess that was the good bit, finding out what was wrong, but I just seem to pick up all the other bugs along the way 🙁

  6. Take a good care of yourself… 🙂
    Watch out with food that you take.., have a balanced diet. No more too much yummy yummy things Ehehe. Tc

  7. heres the season to be jollyy lalalala lalala lalalal hehe hopeeee u feel better sooon pumpkin! xx

  8. I think it is amazing you do as well as you do. Do you think this was related to your most recent post? Is it somehow all intertwined?

  9. @Lavender© – allah y3salmich :*

    @nono – I don’t eat too much of those anyway 😀

    @no0nzie – thx pumpkin *huggles* miss you!

    @Intlxpatr – Thx alot! I have no clue what is going on with my body, my stomach is better now but I just feel I’m falling apart- health wise!

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