Starbucks Toffee Nut Frappuccino blended coffee is a rich and buttery beverage of sweet toffee and the warm flavors of toasted nuts, blended with coffee and ice and topped with whipped cream and toffee flavored sprinkles. This festive beverage is topped with whipped cream and toffee flavored sprinkles for a handcrafted touch.

This is my favourite drink of the moment and also comes in a latte for something hot on those cold winter days, like erm all the time since it’s around 5 degrees these days *sniffles*

I <3 Starbucks *sigh*
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  1. @chikapappi – yah I don’t even wanna think about the calories 😛

    @Laialy_q8 – I have a starbucks not even mins from my apartment, another 5 mins away and another 4 8 mins away lol

    @Cat – yah it’s the holder things so you don’t get burnt (or freeze from the cold)

    @Zabo0o6a – yah the latte version is really heavy

  2. Lavender© Reply

    looks delicious… but the calories in that looks like it is my whole bloody days allowance worth :s

  3. @Jacqui – but it’s yummy!

    @Marzouq – hahhaah yah you always go to ‘bucks when you’re riding!

    @Lavender© – hahahhaha tell me about it! I normally just have that for lunch

    @pearls – *bows* to starbucks

  4. @Laila – I’ve tried all of them, I do like them but my fave is still Toffee Nut or Caramel Coffee

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