Every other day, I go downstairs from my apartment and enter the little baqala (tiny little shop selling newspapers, drinks, chocolate… you get my drift) and I always purchase the same 3 things

1. Diet Coke
2. Mal6eezers
3. Newspaper

After a week or so, they started remembering my face and chatted with me. I used to confuse them in the beginning as everything I went to pay, they’d try and put things in a bag for me to carry and I always replied “No Need”, I later had to explain I just lived upstairs and I’d be okay carrying the things.

As time went by, this old man (Malik) started chatting with me more and more, I get some entertainment before going back to my Diet Coke addiction!

One Day, I decided to change my order around and got Diet Pepsi and a magazine. Malik was all confused and asked “What about your chocolate? What about the Coke? No Newspaper today?” and I just laughed! I can’t remember the last time I bought mal6eezers but I change between Coke and Pepsi just to add to the confusion 😛

Now I think his cousin or brother or another family member is helping out in the baqala and now he recognizes me all the time and even grabs my Diet Coke for me! Today he actually spoke to me asking how I was and what am doing and asked where I was from, damnit even the little baqala dude laughs when I say I’m Scottish!

It’s pretty funny, but just imagine how much money they are getting outta me for my addiction!


  1. @Jacqui – I’m just a whore lol hahahah

    @Fred the chicken – well u have been facebook stalking me (hint: spicy hot hot hot piri piri):P & ewwwwww he’s OLD like 60! I like young chicks more 😉

  2. How much they make out form ur addiction ?!
    mmmmm u do the math !

    abe mal6eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezr shwagteeny

  3. Is Malik the perfect soul mate you blogged about recently?

    “Oh, the moment our hands touched when he gave me mal6eezers..”


  4. @nono – I can only say a few phrases 😛

    @Marzouq – yah it is pretty funny, only real difference is that the shops are neat and tidy oh and sell porn magazines hahaha

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