Isn’t it so cute? It’s just under a meter tall and sits in my living room window sill.. funny thing is, if I have my apartment lights on you can see my tree from the street so any stalker person nearby will know where I live now if they keep a look out for Santa’s little head lol

I still have to get gifts for my family, I hate that part cause I never know what to buy for them, they have near enough everything and whenever I ask, they just say “oh nothing!”.

I on the other hand, have an A4 page list of things I want, but that’s just me… I want everything I can’t have!


  1. Oh GOD sanata head on ur tree is so cuteeee

    well, I have an A6 paper of stuff I want 🙂

    Share it with us .. let us know what u would like to have ?!

  2. @Cat – hehe merci, I fell in love with him cause he was cute hehe I might put my A4 wish-list some time hehe

    @Laialy_q8 – thanxxx he thinks ur hawt too haha

  3. i love the whole christmassy feeling. i miss london and scotland 😀 the place used to get so packed, everyone shopping, all the christmassy songs, the cold weather, all over a nice feeling 🙂

  4. @rashisha – me tooooo 😀

    @Dreamy – yah, im not a fan of the traditional ones ;p

    @ammaro.com – yah I love the feeling of it too, especially the gifts ;p

  5. Santa always scared me senseless!I mean imagine this 400 pound guy, in a red robe actually appears in ur living room one 4 am evening…not too sure if i’d head to the fridge for cookies and milk…

  6. @Fred the Chicken – You’re supposed to be sleeping when Santa comes and he munchies the cookies 😛

    @Jacqui – yalla 😛

    @Fonzy – hahaha I don’t think too many people here read my blog so I’m safe, for now 😛

    @missy – u can share mine 😀

  7. it’s really cute Santa….
    I also love the christmas time..it’s very worm & sexy 🙂

  8. You can buy a nice set of wheels for my sports car.. that will do… you can make the payments for it over 3 years! looool! that is a funny top for a christmas tree!

  9. @Marzouq – hahahhahahha one day one day 😛 and thank you I thought of it myself, I was creative and crafty 😛

  10. Lavender© Reply

    cute tree… 😀 *hopping on a plane with lulu in tow to come stalk u*

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