Yesterday afternoon, I was pretty bored after friends that were visiting from Aberdeen left, so I decided to go for a walk near my apartment and decided to grab my camera and take some shots. The Glasgow Winter Festival is on right now around George Square until the beginning of the New Year. There is a Festive Market selling Arts & Crafts, Candy, Food amongst other things and an Ice Rink that is purpose built every year at this time, open from 10am til 10pm and a some amusement rides for kids & teenagers. It was a fun watching the faces of little kids seeing the Xmas Tree, going on the rides, eating too much candy, trying to skate on the ice and then getting a present from Santa!

I can’t believe it’s nearly 2008 already!











  1. @Laialy_q8 – yah I did, I wanted to test the camera during the night, I still need to get all the settings right on it 😀

  2. This was the fasted year ever it flew right by! i cant believe it either .. i love this time of year everything feels magical lol too much Disney … nice shots!

  3. Awesome shots I must say and I love the first and second picture cus it looks “fairy-tale”.

    Time flies truly fast. It is so so true.. 🙂

  4. the guy on the left in the ice-skating picture looks like he’s about to fall :p purely terrified!

  5. @Jacqui – thx babe ;*

    @Cat – thank you 😀

    @L – hahaha a little Disney doesn’t hurt & I know what you mean, it’s freaky how the year flew by!

    @nono – yah it was so cute!

    @chikapappi – 😀

    @Swair – hahaha he didn’t fall down unfortunately ;p

  6. @Laialy_q8 – thanks!

    @Dreamy – yah it was 😀

    @Intlxpatr – thank you so much, I’m still learning!

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