December 2007


My dad’s flight was due in at 11pm last night so mama & I headed to the airport to pick him up. I was wearing my PJ’s and couldn’t be bothered to get changed so I jumped in the car with a can of diet coke and drove over an hour to get to the airport he was getting into to.

When we got there, his flight was delayed by 45 minutes so we headed to the only place open in the airport at that hour, a bar and I grabbed an espresso to warm up (it was frikin cold and I was shivering!) and mama got a hot chocolate.

As we were sitting down, there were 2 police men interviewing this random looking guy along with a member of the airport security and being the nosy person that I am, I was staring and trying to listen to what was going on, with no results. 20 minutes later, I was still staring and trying to listen, then he just walked away from the police. Damn it!

But a few minutes later…

While mama & I were sitting drinking, this drunk (or drugged up) guy staggers towards us, then turns around and heads to another table, picks up a pint of beer that was left over by someone else and starts drinking it, throws the glass on the table and walks away.

5 minutes later, he comes back and buys a pint of beer, puts it on a table along with a backpack and walks away on his mobile for nearly 10 minutes while I’m looking at this backpack abandoned and looking out for the guy thinking that something fishy is going on, my CSI instincts were coming out and tons of theories were going through my head such as:

1. Maybe there is a bomb in the bag and his mobile is the detonator
2. Maybe there is drugs in his bag and the pint of beer is the sign for the pick-up dude to know where they are

Yes, I have a vivid imagination, but this was nearly 12am, in an airport, with a strange guy acting very bizzarly with an abadonded backpack. I kept staring at it and searching for the guy, then stopped 2 police men patroling the airport and thought about telling them about the backpack and just as I stood up to go tell them, the random guy comes back with a sandwich and sits down to drink the beer.

Stupid idiot! I mean don’t you know you’re not supposed to leave baggage unattended?!

My dad finally turned up at 12:05am, kissed our cheeks à la french style before heading off into the darkness

& the comfort of a warm car!

It’s 12:36am as I’m starting to type this, so it’s officially Christmas & I’m excited *shakes like a loony bin* This is the first time in ages that I’ve been excited about Christmas & the whole gift buying, food eating, drink drinking process and being with family. All my gifts have been wrapped ready to hand out to my parents, brother and grandfather… plus me dying to know what gifts are waiting for me, yes I feel like a little kid waiting for Santa!

& I’ll leave you now with some Frank Sinatra singing about Christmas

[audio: ttl.mp3]

Oh & as a gift to all my lovely visitors of my blog, here is 600MB of music (mainly r&b and hip hop) for you to enjoy during this festive period. Mostly up & coming songs, some full albums and song oldies thrown in for good measure 😀

Download: (click to open download page)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

If you’re celebrating Christmas, have an amazing day filled with tons of food and gifts amongst family & friends *jumps up & down*

My parents arrived- finally. They were supposed to arrive this afternoon, but instead decided to drive all the way from Paris to Glasgow in one 13 hour go without staying over in London as originally planned. I had to stay awake til 6am this morning to let them into my apartment, so while waiting I was rather productive.

I cleaned my apartment until it was nice and shiny, wrapped up all my xmas gifts I have for my family, tried (unsuccessfully) to fix my wireless router which sucks ass & I need to buy a bigger *cough* expensive one, then watched CSI:Las Vegas & Without a Trace before getting a phone call from baba saying they were around the corner and to get ready to open the security gate.

Needless to say I was uber tired and just flung into bed a few minutes after helping them with their luggage only to awaken a few hours later needing to drink water really really really bad and because it was too warm and got rid of a few layers of clothing before hitting the zZz’s again, then waking up again to hear a car alarm outside my bedroom window, then moments later, my parent’s whispering about me (and I still don’t know about what!) *hmph*

5 hours of sleep is all I got, but baba went out to buy breakfast for us all so that was pretty good (and mine as well) and mama & I headed to the supermarket near my grandfather’s house to start getting everything we need in preperation with Christmas Day.

A hell of a lotta food later, we go to my grandfather’s house (but not before breaking 3 of my nails!) and spend a coupla hours catching up with all his latest gossip & of course annoying Chewy 😀

We headed back to my apartment and dropped off some groceries which are not for Christmas Day, then headed out to do some light shopping, mainly buying chocolate to put in our Christmas goodie gift bags (I bought Thornton’s Belgian Chocolate selection for mama and some random pieces for my brother). An hour later, went to one of my favourite Italian restaurants for dinner, but tonight it wasn’t THAT great and now I’m at home curled up in bed writing this post, my dad is sitting on the sofa snoring his head off, mama is coughing her guts up and moaning she has a cold and CSI: Las Vegas is blaring in the background.

So that was my day, tomorrow baba is flying back to Paris for work (yep he came for 24 hours) and will spend Christmas alone before flying back in time for New Years Eve celebrations which will be amazing

I’ll leave you with some photographs until next time….

Bisous Bisous :*

I’ve heard the good & the bad viewpoints regarding social-networking sites from both my friends AND my family due to being on the news constantly regarding indentity theft etc, but I for one love it. If you have a secure profile & only accept those who you know and keep personal information (phone number, address bla bla) to a limit, then I think you’re fine.


Having lived all over the world, Facebook enabled me to keep in touch with everyone in the same location, otherwise I’d probably go insane trying to keep in touch with my friends all over the world. It’s a great tool for finding those people you lost touch with, I recently tons of childhood best friends and it’s great reminiscing over the olden days, especially laughing at photographs that we uploaded of eachother (and those high school videos!).

The majority of my Kuwaiti High School class are on facebook, my cousins, childhood friends, University friends and of course some bloggers and “fans” of my blog who I got to know over the years. A new feature on facebook let’s you put your friends into different categories so it’s easier for me to search for them, such as High School friends, Best Friends bla bla 😀


Of course, as facebook is popular, it can create a massive flood of those old hi5 idiots who have a fake profile, have disturbing images, email random people to hook up with them and I hate that part of it. But sadly, this is all part in parcel with having a website like facebook. Maybe they should introduce a way to only allow people to create a profile based on their actual name rather than a nickname, some sort of authentication process to get rid of the idiots!

That reason is why alot of people do not want to use facebook, but again if you have a secure profile that only your friends can see along with only accepting friend requests from people you know, why should you let those idiots bother you?

So that is my rant, I love facebook & the Twirlies even have a secret undercover hidden group *dances*

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This little kid is only 6 years old and is singing the famous 2Pac song “Hey Mama”. He has recently been on Ellen DeGeneres singing a song especially written by a friend of Bentley’s, been interviewed by Texan radio stations, been in newspapers in the US and he is amazing for a kid and when he grows up, he’ll be even better 😀

Check him out, he’s adorable!

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For the past few days, there has been an odd feeling inside of me it all started with a constant 3 day migrane that wouldn’t go away with sleep or pills which made me dizzy beyond belief to the point where I felt like I was going to vomit when I moved. It then developed into a really bad stomach pain just above my belly button, I can’t touch my stomach without it being really sore, I still have the constant feeling of “I’m gonna vomit” but I never do, it’s like it is stuck inside of me begging to come out.

Last night it got worse, I could hardly sleep last night and as I’m typing this I keep thinking I’m going to vomit like it is just about to come out of me like a volcano, but it doesn’t. I’m tired and worn out and I just feel that the entire 2007 has been dedicated “WORST HEALTH YEAR EVER”. This year I’ve been in and out of hospital, had god know’s how many tests and blood’s taken, not to mention all the medication I’m on for the foreseeable future and I’m sick of it.

I’m sick of constantly being ill, feeling worn out and having to fight my way through everything.

I just want it all to stop, please?

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Even though Chewy is a cutie, he is really annoying sometimes! When it’s time to go to bed, my grandfather takes his little bed into the kitchen along with his teddy bear and blankets and Chewy runs away cause he doesn’t want to go to bed and we have to chase him around the house.

Last Night, during the chasing session, he ran into my bedroom in my grandfather’s house (I’ve been staying here for a few days) and he jumped on my bed and decided to pee all over the bed cover. I started screaming at him and he ran away from me to hid in a corner as he knew he was being bad. I then hunted him down and shouted that he was a bad boy and he gave me this little puppy face look and I shouted at him some more and told him to go to bed.

So last night, he went to bed with a little sad face and I was left to clean up the pee, change the bed covers and sleep in a bedroom which stank like pee *sigh*

This morning, as I woke up he followed me into the bathroom and looked at me with another little puppy face and I shouted at him saying that I’m not talking to him. All morning he’s tried to play with me and I’m ignoring him and telling him to go away lol

Somtimes I could really really really kill him (well not literally)

Adele has scooped the Critics Choice Brit Award for the artist most likely to be big in 2008. The singer picks up a Brit Award before even bringing out a full single- her recent track Hometown Glory was only limited edition. Adele is likely to be top of many ‘Tips For 08’ lists and will release her debut album early next year along with the single Chasing Pavements. UK Music Guru’s have stated that she is the new Amy Winehouse and has Lily Allen amongst her fans. Her debut album, 19, will be released on January 28th 2008.

Check out her upcoming single ‘Chasing Pavements’


To download this song, and a few others CLICK HERE

The next artist to arouse hype is David Jordan, a future soul sensation with his rocked-out R&B, his searing electric soul with sassy-male falsetto vocals, his fairly straight take on well-produced Lenny Kravitz/Seal-style guitar-funk-pop. His music is very unusual mixture of different genre’s and you’ll either love him or hate him. His debut album, Set the mood, was released on November 5th 2007 but he is still much of an unknown, until now.

Check out this single ‘Move On’, from his debut album


To download this song, and a few others CLICK HERE

So, what do you think of the songs?

It was so hard trying to fit a reasonable size of songs into my OST after being tagged by [Swair]. I love hundred’s of songs and each have a different memory for me, but I think 25 is enough lol

As you can tell most are R&B and that’s because it’s my favourite genre of music since I was a little kid and I grew out of my Jason Donovan phase, so I hope you enjoy the soundtrack to my life, and I am 25 so a song for every year of my life lol


All 4 One- I can love you like that
“i never make a promise
i don’t intend to keep
so when i say forever
forever’s what i mean”

Brian Adams- Inside Out
“i wanna know you like i know myself
i’m waitin’ for you there ain’t no one else
talk to me baby scream and shout
i want to know you inside out”

Leona Lewis- Run
“light up, light up
as if you have a choice
even if you cannot hear my voice
i’ll be right beside you dear”

Blackstreet- Don’t Leave
“you’ve got your problems baby
and I’ve got mine
let’s just end it all by
putting it together, yeah”

Brandy feat. LL Cool J- Sittin up in my room (Remix)
“how can one be down?
tell me where to start
cause every time you smile
i feel tremors in my heart”

AZ Yet- Last Night
“last night, you were so into it
you told me secrets that, you never told a soul
you were so nervous and, yet oh so comfortable
as we explored your image of love”

Johnta Austin- The one that got away
“life’s too hard cant even breathe
wherever you are reach out to me,
i got this chick that chick,
but it dont matter coz i still love the one that got away,”

En Vogue- Dont let go
“what’s it gonna be?
’cause I can’t pretend
don’t you wanna be more than friends?
hold me tight and don’t let go
don’t let go”

TLC- No Scrubs
“i don’t want your number (no)
i don’t want to give you mine and (no)
i don’t want to meet you nowhere (no)
i don’t want none of your time (no)”

Fugees- Ready or Not
“ready or not, here i come, you can’t hide
gonna find you and take it slowly
ready or not, here i come, you can’t hide
gonna find you and make you want me”

Notorious BIG- Hypotize
“biggie biggie biggie can’t you see
sometimes your words just hypnotize me
and I just love your flashy ways
guess that’s why they broke, and you’re so paid”

2Pac- How do you want it
“how do you want it? how does it feel?
comin up as a nigga in the cash game
livin in the fast lane, i’m for real”

Snoop Dogg- Whats my name
“now just throw your hands in the motherfuckin air
and wave the motherfuckers like ya just don’t care
yeah roll up the dank, and pour the drank
and watch your step cuz doggy’s on the gank”

Glenn Lewis- Fall Again
“there’s something about you, i stare in your eyes
and everything i’m looking for i seem to find
all this time away is killing me inside
i need your love in my life”

Toni Braxton- That somebody was you
“there’s been so many times
my heart has been broken in two
i kept them waiting in line
coz nobody’s heart was true
for every time i gave into love
i would always end up blue
and just when i was about to give up
i found myself an angel call to you”

D.J. Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince – Boom! Shake The Room
“why don’t you tell the girls what y’all wanna do
ya wanna ooh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh–ooooh
that’s right yo and i’m in the flow
so pump up the volume along with the tempo
i want everybody in the house to know
i came here tonight to hear the crowd go”

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You
“i hope life treats you kind
and i hope you have all you’ve dreamed of.
and i wish to you, joy and happiness.
but above all this, i wish you love”

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the Bridge
“i dont ever want to feel
like i did that day
take me to the place i love
take me all the way”

LL Cool J- Loungin
“who do you love
i wanna lounge wit you
are you for sure
i do what i gotta do”

Keith Sweat- Nobody
“i want the night for me and you
so come here baby and let me do it to you
don’t be afraid cuz I won’t bite
i promise to give it to you just the way you like”

Goo Goo Dolls- Iris
“and i don’t want the world to see me
cause i don’t think that they’d understand
when everything’s made to be broken
i just want you to know who i am”

Richard Marx- Now & Forever
“whenever I’m weary from the battles that rage in my head
you make sense of madness when my sanity hangs by a thread
i lose my way but still you seem to understand”

Mariah Carey- Honey
“Honey, You can have me when you want me
You just simply ask me to be there
And you’re the only one who makes me come running
Cause what you got is far beyond compare”

Tony Toni Tone- Let’s Get Down
“the function’s on around midnight
what time is it are you inside
available, to come and play
give me a clue, so I don’t have to
look for you”

Soul For Real- Candy Rain
“have you ever loved someone
so much you thought you’d die?
giving so much of yourself
it seems the only way
tell me what you want, and i
and i will give it to you”

So now, you can download my soundtrack by clicking HERE & then HERE

Enjoy 😀



Starbucks Toffee Nut Frappuccino blended coffee is a rich and buttery beverage of sweet toffee and the warm flavors of toasted nuts, blended with coffee and ice and topped with whipped cream and toffee flavored sprinkles. This festive beverage is topped with whipped cream and toffee flavored sprinkles for a handcrafted touch.

This is my favourite drink of the moment and also comes in a latte for something hot on those cold winter days, like erm all the time since it’s around 5 degrees these days *sniffles*

I <3 Starbucks *sigh*
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The first of three movies based on the bestselling Philip Pullman novels, The Golden Compass revolves around a young girl, Lyra, who travels to the far north to save her best friend who was taken by Gobblers. Along the way she encounters shape-shifting creatures, witches, the king of the egyptains, a giant polar bear who talks and a variety of otherworldly characters in parallel universes.

The movie overall was really good, the graphics and settings were amazing! I jumped outta my seat a few times during some animal fight scenes and the young actress who plays Lyra looks totally like Izzie from Grey’s Anatomy! The movie in the US and UK has caused religious controversay as Catholic leaders have said that it promotes atheism but from watching it, there was no religious portrayal of any kind and I don’t get what all the fuss was about.





The movie is great for all ages, after leaving the movie my friend & I were in the elevator and a tiny boy (maybe 5 or 6) told his mom that he wanted to dress up as the good polar bear which was totally adorable!

[rating: 4/5]