I’m loving the tag from Chikapappi *huggles* and got straight into YouTube to start picking songs for my favourite bloggers to enjoy! So here are my dedications 😀

1st: Marzouq sticky icky icky ooohweeeee *hahahahaha*

2nd: Jackie she she want it!

3rd: Sou He’s been watching closely, every move you’ve made!

4th: Chikapappi listen to the words 7beebty *kiss*

5th: Swair Love is a losing game *stabs it with a knife*

6th: Spikey No Diggity, No Doubt!

7th: LaiaLy_q8 let me buy you a drink *dances like a gangsta*

8th: Drunk n Gorgeous you so want to be the girl in the video *giggle*

9th: ZooZ my mind has gone half crazy!

10th: Everyone else *shakes her booty*


  1. Lavender© Reply

    🙁 I’m sadd.. I want one personalized for moiiiiiiiiii :'(

  2. Awwww!!! That was lovely Mimzzz!!!! “I’d rather be without, than be without you.” LOVE YOU!


  3. Hell yeah!! thats my song bitch!!! GUESS WHOS BACK!! Seriously Dr. Dre is the shit, coming up with the greatest shit, I love it!

    Representing for all the gangstas all across the world!!! I got love for the streets.

    Sticky icky icky!!

    And I loved the other old ones + the last one! Got me dancing!

  4. @Laialy_q8 – totally!

    @Lavender© – awww enshalla next time!

    @chikapappi – ur welcome ;****

    @Sou – ur welcome babe, u need cheering up!

    @Marzouq – I have good taste 😉

  5. @Marzouq – It would be easier if I put it all on CD and mail it to you! I have a hella hot to send to you! FTPing takes FOREVER!

    @Swair – yeah we do! men suck lol

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