As I was walking out of the cinema this afternoon with my friend, a random guy who seemed a little drunk asked me for directions to the train station. As I was telling him where to go, his jeans fall down revealing that he had no underwear on and well… use your imagination! This old lady then comes up to him and says “pull your trousers up boy” and he says “I’m trying I’m trying!”. I then walk off laughing telling my friend what happened.

As we continue walking near the shopping mall, I accidently hit a guy in the crotch and I say “omg I’m so sorry” and he replies “no problem, you can do it again if you like, I’d like that!”. I turn bright red and run away lol

Seeing a random guys thingy and then hitting another random guys thingy in one day is way too much action!


  1. @Sou – I called my mom afterwards and she cracked up laughing!

    @chikapappi – I have no clue but it freaked me out lol

  2. Hahaha the second dude loooooves you :p

    Since attracting trouble is what we’re known for, I suggest you date the second guy :p

  3. Lavender© Reply

    looooooooooooool.. thats nasty yet hilarious all at the same time.. heheh.. 😀

  4. LOOOOOOOOL that is a funny story… the first guy must have been really drunk or maybe asking for directions was his opening line then dropping his pants was the pick up line 😛

    The second guy is just plain stupid to have enjoyed that kind of pain! lol

  5. haha, that musta been one day 😀

    and if the guy cant control wearing his pants properly, you think he can memorize directions to the train station?

  6. @Cat – 😛

    @Swair – hell frikin no!

    @Lavender© – I was cracking up laughing so much!

    @Taqo – I turned red then laughed it off

    @Fonzy – some pick up hahaha

    @missy – big EEEW! The guy didn’t even shave!

    @Annabel – trouble is my middle name!

    @Jacqui – exactly! thing is, I’m not looking for drama! Drama just surrounds me!

    @Mademoiselle – stop laughing ;p – probably not!

  7. hahahahahaha.. your luck is ridiculous these days!!! Don’t worry just bump some Will Smith and walk away! looool!

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