I’ve been an ultra fan of Leona since her 1st audition in the Reality TV show ‘X Factor’ in the UK. Her voice blew me away and week by week she just got better and better! I’ve followed her career since she won the show, even joined her fanclub and check her website out every other day for music news. Her voice is amazing (especially for someone in the UK!) and it’s funny to think that before the X Factor, she was a live receptionist! Her debut album was released on Monday and I rushed out to buy it! Now that’s telling you something…. I haven’t bought a CD in like over 2 years! But I just had too!

Her album… one word… AMAZING.. no no no wait… INCREDIBLE! There is not ONE bad song! Since her debut single from her 1st album ‘Bleeding Love’ was released, it went straight to Number 1 in the UK and sold 66,000 copies on its first day of release and went on to sell 218,805 copies in its first week making it the fasting selling single in the UK and her album is on course to become the fastest-selling UK debut album of all time! Music store HMV has sold more copies of her album than the entire top ten put together.. now thats saying something!

I’ve listened to her album for days now and it’s all I’ve been listening too. I decided to give an extra long review for her album because.. well… she’s amazing and I love her voice! Song by song I’ll give you my review…..

1. Bleeding Love – It’s extremely catchy, the song writing is amazing and when I first listened to it I was like WOW! It’s the UK Number 1 single at the moment and hopefully will be til she releases her next one 😉

2. Whatever It Takes – I wasn’t so sure at first while listening to it. But as I listened to it properly I released that my 1st impressions were wrong. It’s an uptempo song and shows a different edge to Leona

3. Homeless – WOW! This song is all about emotion and you can’t help but feel emotional listening to it, plus being able to relate to the lyrics. This song is a sure fire hit and showcases her powerful voice well!

4. Better In Time – One of the stand-out tracks! Very catchy melody and chorus, love the use of piano and strings. My only criticism would be a longer final chorus with a bit more oomph and don’t fade out at the end some amazing vocals. 9.5/10

5. Yesterday – This was a favourite of mine since the moment I listened to it. Again, the song writing and vocal showcasing is amazing (see a theme developing?!). I could listen to this again and again and again and again!

6. Take A Bow – This DEFINITELY is the most amazing song on the entire album and I hope will be released as a single! I’m loving it! so much!

7. I Will Be – A cover of Avril Lavinge’s song which you wouldn’t really expect from her but I must say I love Leona’s version much much better than Avril’s! I’m just wondering why they choose to do a cover rather than writing a brand new song which the same kinda vibe!

8. Angel – I hated this track when I first listened to it but after a few listens I got hooked, it’s a little (erm extremely) cheesy in the lyrics talking about her her boyfriend is an angel and how she’s glad he’s in her life… damn it I’m just jealous cause my love life sucks!

9. Here I Am – This is a soft song with lyrics that would make you want to cry and want to hug ur best friend! I can’t help but love it and it really reminds me of early Mariah!

10. I’m You – Produced by Ne-Yo, I feel that something is missing from this song. I do like it, but hmmm…. I was expecting him to sing on it with her but he didn’t which disappointed me a little. It’s probably my least favourite in the album

11. The Best You Never Had – I’m loving the lyrics. Again another I’d listen to again and again! The arrangement of the song is cool and makes you want to sing the chorus!

12. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – If there was one song that makes you go daaaamn, this is it! The way she sings it is flawless, her voice is amazing in this song!

13. Footprints In The Sand – Girl can sing! Damnnnnnnnn! Once again, the lyrics are amazing and everything falls into place with no flaws!

Overall Review: This is the best album I have listened to in years and will be a favourite for years to come (until she releases another and I’d probably love that even more!). There are 12 out of 13 songs which are amazing and they have been on repeat in my ipod since I got it! I know it will go to Number 1 on Sunday (when the music charts are announced in the UK) and I’ll continue to cover her career for years and years to come. She has an amazing gift being able to sing how she does and there is nothing much else I can say but….

download it & listen for yourselves! <-- click there!


  1. Brings back memories when you sent me videos of her on X Factor! Also reminds me of how Mika knocked her off 1st place, bwahahahaha! ;p

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  3. @Sou – hahaha yah that was way back in Xmas last year, Mika ain’t in the picture right now and anyhooo Leona is better! Mika is getting on people’s nerves in the UK now! They have a TV show here and his song ‘Grace Kelly’ was voted the most annoying song this year lol

  4. They’re just jealous…he isn’t annoying.

    Well if he’s so annoying, I don’t mind, I’ll have him all to myself, BWAHAHAHA.

    I’m evil tonight, aren’t I? hehe

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  8. I so LOVED her single!! thxx a million for sharing her CD with us! 😀 im downloading it now!! cant wait to listen to it!

  9. @chikapappi – tell me about it!

    @Sou – maybe 😛

    @zsafwan – I 2nd that & ur most welcome!

    @missy – ur welcome, glad u liked it!

    @TAT – not sure it’s ur kinda thing, but ok 😛

    @Mademoiselle – yaaay 😀

  10. Lavender© Reply

    hey sweety… will have to check her out enshallah.. but with my luck… the site u put here to download from is blocked in Saudi.. my bloody luck 🙁 Merci anyways hon.. will try to download it a different way when I have the time enshallah.. XOXO

    ‘If you believe the requested page should not be blocked please click here.

    For more information about internet service in Saudi Arabia, please click here: http://www.internet.gov.sa
    Sorry, the requested page is unavailable.’

  11. U love her don’t you! loool! Where is all my damn music! You are seriously killing me! I want my stuff, and I haven’t listened to anything new in a while!

    I just want to jump into her album and eyes! Beautiful!

  12. I don’t know how I got to your site or remember how I found out about Leona back in November. I just remembered that one day, I magically came to your blog. And I’m soo thankful for that. Thank you so much for the download links.

    Leona Lewis is an incredible singer. Words can describe. Totally better than all the American Idols too. Her cover of ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol was great too. I 100% agree with all your comments on the songs and overall rate of the album. I like to listen to it everyday during homework.

    Btw, your site’s pretty.

  13. marcos fernández Reply

    Well ananiyah,
    thanks for post this Cd .
    I’m downloding this at this moment.
    I haven’t heard it yet,but many people talk about it a lot.
    I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

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