your a victim of a hit & run!

I had to go out and buy gifts for some ultra VIP guests who are coming to work tomorrow & I was walking back when an old drunk guy riding on a motorized wheelchair came charging at me and ran over my feet hurting my toes, then carries on driving away while getting chased by 2 security guards.

I had to sit down and check my toes were all still there & they weren’t broken… but they hurt like a bitch!

Damn asshole! They should charge him with drink driving and make him pay for a new pair of shoes!


  1. LOL! Sorry babe :* bas I am trying to imagine this old drunk guy on wheels! :p – Just soak them in ice & don’t wear heels babe.. *hug*

  2. @chikapappi – I’m back to wearing flip flops for the next few days! Damn idiot! I called my mom and grandfather & they both burst out laughing 🙁

  3. Did I read that right? A drunk old man on a motorized wheelchair being chased by two security guards? Salamaat, but that is hilarious lol.

  4. Lavender© Reply

    lool.. sorry 4 laughing… but u sure r one unlucky girl!!! salamaat 7aboooba.. try to soak ur feet a bit… lol…. sowwwwwy

  5. They were after him by foot?!

    What happened to shooting his tires, having roadblocks and closing the state borders?

    If I was the security guard I would’ve beaten the first handicapped I saw, took his wheelchair and started a chase..

  6. i hope ur toes are better now.. it is a lil funny though.. but i agree.. those people on the motorized wheelchairs are a lil aggressive..

  7. @Laialy_q8 – totally! They were silk pumps and frikin cute!

    @Jacqui – my whole self has been cursed!

    @Rashisha – totally!

    @N. – u read right lol!

    @Lavender© – I soaked them for a while 😀

    @Maze – yah just really sore toes!

    @Ansam – yah 7umdullah it’s gone now 😀

    @suspic – you’ve been watching too many sop movies ;p

    @Kamiliya – everyone laughed, even my parents! – yesh u do!

  8. hahahahaha… even after hearing it the first time, reading about it made me laugh! U got his by a drunk wheel chair hahahahahaa!

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