My lastest obsession….

Damn they are good & I hate peanut butter! Actually I think I love anything to do with Hershey’s Chocolate (especially Cookies & Cream and Hazelnut Kisses).

They sell them @ the little baqala which is within my work building which is too convient when I’m craving chocolate, especially how the cafe is only seconds away from me as well!

I’m eating one as I’m typing.. yum yum yum yum yum!


  1. Lavender© Reply

    loool ur funny… madri.. i HATE peanut butter with chocolate.. and usually can’t go anywhere near a Reeses Pieces… :s

  2. I think I have that “peanut butter getting stuck on the top of my mouth” phobia.. You know, opening your mouth to strangers with a mouth full of peanutbutter going “AAAHH =(“..

    And the award for longest phobia name goes to.. =/

  3. I cannot stand with this:

    I’m eating one as I’m typing.. yum yum yum yum yum!


  4. @Sou – me too!

    @chikapappi – mwahahhahaha!

    @TAT – *runs away*

    @joud – it is amazing!

    @Lavender© – everyone has different tastes ;p

    @Rashisha – you cant have mine *hides the chocolate*

    @missy – I’m not a fan of peanuts but this is a whole other matter!

    @Jacqui – hmmm godiva *dreams*

    @suspic – hahahaha yes you win the award!

    @nono – sooowwwwwy 😛

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