On my way to the Salon to beautify myself, I saw all these flashing lights and a crowd forming. So being the nosy person I am, I decided to walk to the flashing lights and I see a bus pulled over with an old man lying on the road.

Instantly everyone thought he was run over by the bus, but there was no blood on the road so then people started saying that the guy was probably drunk and fell down, while others thought the old man collapsed and the bus driver went to help him.

The police started interviewing the passengers on the bus along with the driver and the he kept pointing to the bus door. In the meantime, the paramedics came and gave the old man some air and eventually got him to his feet without a mark on him. I still don’t know what happened but he’s lucky to be alive if he did get hit by the bus! He was whisked off in the ambulance & my curosity got the better of me… maybe it will be in the news tomorrow so I can find out what happened!

Oh the drama!


  1. If only there was some sort of action in my day … thank god the old man didn’t die that would have ruined the day

  2. @Laialy_q8 – I’ve seen so much action over the past few days, but I’ll leave that for another post!

    @chikapappi – don’t remind me! I once saw an accident on gulf rd where a motorbike crashed into a bus & the motorbike dudes body was chopped into parts. I had nightmares for months 🙁

  3. Missy-TheOriginal Reply

    If he’s an old man then I doubt he survived a bus blow. Maybe he had a shock or suffers from another kind of disorder that resulted in his fainting. Anyway, glad he’s okay.

  4. I hope he get some tests if he was hit by a bus.. sometimes its post traumatic symptoms and he may collapse! eeek!

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