1. I’ve lost all motivation to actually do anything, I’m just so tired all the time

2. The hospital specialist gave me more pills, so now I take 8 pills daily to help control my fucking pain and my ovary

3. Mama is still here

4. My great-aunt has took a turn for the worse, she can no longer walk, talk much, or chew food. She doesn’t have much longer to live and it’s really upsetting

5. My brother introduced his girlfriend to mama & me. She came for dinner on Sunday night… she’s 24 & blonde and kinda cute. This is the first time my brother has ever talked about any girl in his life and meeting her is a huge step! He already met her family so things are looking interesting! Mama really liked her & she thinks that I’m too quiet hahahahah

6. I’ve been ignoring alot of people these days, not because I’m pissed at them… I just want space to breathe

7. I’m craving all the things I’m no longer allowed to eat

8. I’ve been getting extreme migranes and vomiting like crazy!

9. The noisy neighbour upstairs is still making the annoying noises, my mom says the noise I hear this time is not him jumping but him with a visitor and the bed banging…. thus referring to hot sex…. not the thing I really wanna hear!

Oh how it’s fun to be me!


  1. Missy-TheOriginal Reply

    There ws this guy who crashed from an airplane, they amputated his arms, legs and all he had was his neck and facial expressions moving but everytime his friend visits him he finds him smiling & cracking jokes as if nothing has happened so he asked him “How can u be so chippery & happy when you’re bearly alive?”, the man said “What r u talkin about? I’m more alive than you! It’s here…that counts, if I had a finger I would have pointed it out to you… hahaha” and started laughing, he meant his heart (what’s inside) that counts..

    So yes it is fun to be you because there’s no one like you (and so says the purple dinosaur).

  2. Oh! More pills :/ god! Just be patient dear till the side effects go away from them pills *hug*

    How is a marraige proposal different than fathering your babies?! Pls explain! :$

    & BTW, you need to take a break from the online activities you got running! too much! 😛

  3. well if I wanted to cheer a guy up I would say feeling bad imagine you have a twin and your adjoined to your shoulder like that movie stuck on you he’s gay, he has a date and you have one asshole. that would usually work but dunno what to say to you hmmmm….

  4. take some time off and spend “ME TIME” meaning be just with yourself. Its good. Go to a day spa. Pamper/treat yourself.. its good. I really hope you feel better soon.


  5. 10. I’ve been getting extreme migranes and vomiting like crazy!

    erk?? what happened to you btw?? *wonder*

  6. I’m sorry to hear about that. I hope you feel better. Sorry I’ve been so busy with school and work. I’m on my reading week next week (that means no school) but I will be working everyday to make up cash as I pay for my school. So it does suck to be me too!

    I am sick and tired of living in Canada. Ramadan was very hard here and getting accustomed to people here is strange for me. I miss living in Dubai as I have done for the past 20 yrs of my life and miss it like crazy. =( I’m homesick!

  7. You’re in a need of a vacation or I don’t know what exactly but you’re in the dire need for something… Someone perhaps to take care of you with no strings attached or better yet no criticisms and such!

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