I feel like CRAP!

I finally got my period on August 22nd which lasted until August 29th, which is good since it was 6 months since I had one previously. Fastforward to September 12th, just 2 weeks after finishing my period, and guess what? I get it again! This time instead of lasting for 8 days, it lasted for 13 days. Today is October 1st, a week since I finished my period, and guess what?! I HAVE IT AGAIN!

Now seriously! I was bitching about it not coming, but having 3 within this time span is seriously fucking me up internally and emotionally! I’m blaming that stupid implant in my arm for doing this to me *sigh* then again, at least I’m not going 6 months without having my period & one of the side effects of the implant is continous bleeding! That means for the 3 years that I’ll have the implant in my arm, I could be bleeding like this.. damn that will be a bitch!

It’s messing me up physically as well, because whenever I get my period, I don’t eat. My appetite is lost and I only drink water, get extreme headaches, vomit like crazy and am basically bed-bound until it’s over plus don’t get me started on the stomach cramps *cries*

Only girls can bleed this much and still be alive! Who the hell invented period anyway!? I mean guys have little fishes to create babies and as the little fishes swim around in their little home looking for somewhere to go, guys don’t bleed! So why do women have to bleed when their little eggs decide to break and run away?!?!


  1. SHIT! Dudette! The picture is disgusting OMG!!!!!!!!!!! bas seriously that’s bad news, 7 days driv me crazy!

    P.S: As God 😛

  2. LMAO You have a great sense of humor “I wouldnt say at this part of the month coz obviously it’s not” 😛

    the pic is kinda disgusting, i wonder where u get it from! *pukes*

  3. Woman, you over did it with the picture! wai3 You do like attention dont you? 😛 Anyway, you should eat to compensate, drinking water only will make you dizzy.

  4. wow, i think you need to visit a gynecologist FAST. you are experiencing irregularity in ur period. Hey, i have it too and i haven’t gotten it in over 9 months now. (no joke!) but it happens. The only solution I know of is to take the pill – it will help regulate ur period and hormonal system but it will also let u gain weight. so not unless u plan on exercising yet maintaining a balanced hormonal system, go ahead.

  5. I don’t know whats going but something is messed up. you need to go to the doc again. This is really crappy!

  6. I had the same problem b4.. but got my break via the pill… lol.. and the 9 months of pregnancy were a God send!!!! make sure u eat hon!!! and stock up on pads/tampons 😛

  7. @chikapappi – hahaha the picture is funny lol a ninja always pad *giggle* I go insane after 1 day lol

    @Dreamy – Some random dude on flickr had this, I think it was his halloween costume lol and I have to laugh, otherwise I’d cry 😀

    @Missy-TheOriginal – nah, the picture was proving a point hehe & it’s cracking me up, thus making me feel better 😛 It’s not about attention, but if you put it in that context, isn’t my whole blog about attention? I talk about my personal life on a daily basis but I do it for me, not for all the attention.

    @Laila – If you read my health archives, you’ll know that I’ve already been to see a specialist in this area and they found out I have small tumors on my ovaries. Those were part of the reason I didn’t get my period, and now I’m under treatment. I’ve been on the pill since I was 12 to help my periods, but it never worked for me and I was always sick. The implant I have in my arm works in the same way as the pill, it releases hormones into my system, helps bring back my period, but the side effects are either: continous bleeding for 3 years or it regulates them monthly. I guess I’m having continous lol

    @Marzouq – What can the doctor do? Before it was never coming and I complained and now it’s coming ALOT and I’m complaining. It’s the side effect of this implant thing to supposidly help me 🙁 Crappy isn’t the word it’s FUCKED UP!

    @Blue Dress – its gross but funny 😛

    @Swair – no no no it’s funnnny!

    @Lavender – the funny thing is, the specialist told me that getting pregnant will in a way cure me. They are waiting until I have kids and they they can do an operation to remove the tumors, but that means taking my whole reproductive system out and then having no periods EVER AGAIN. I think I should find someone to get me pregnant a few times loooool <-- joke!

  8. Go for it.. lool.. the feeling of pushing and pushing and pushingg till u get that little baby out – no matter how tiny they look when you see that cute bundle of joy… believe me… they are DEFINATLY NOT tiny when ur pushing them out.. loool)… But they are definatly worth it… yala get pregnant.. so luji can have some net cousins 😛

  9. try to sync your cycle with your ipod, nothing beats great music playing while you in a rough patch. But seriously too much info…

  10. @nono – I am in a month 😛

    @Lavender – hahahaha find me a guy 1st to be the father 😛 and there is NO WAY I’m pushing a baby outta me! I’ll get it cut out instead hahaha I really cannot imagine *ouch* okay I’m so not saying it *shiver*

    @TAT – I always write too much info loool you should know that by now 😛

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