October 2007


It’s amazing watching her transformation from being a shy contestant on the X Factor to now being a huge success with her debut single being sold out in stores all over the UK, being #1 and the UK’s Best Selling Artist to date!

Her debit single, Bleeding Love is amazing and I’ve had it on repeat since I got my hands on it. It’s catchy, the video is great and reminds me so much of an early Mariah (whom I love to death too!). I’m sure Leona will have an amazing career, and this is just the start of it!

Her debut Album ‘Spirit’ is released on November 12th in the UK and I’ve pre-ordered a copy of it because of the huge demand! I can’t wait to get it! I’ve already heard 2 other songs which will be on the album and all I can say is WOW! Her voice is absoultely amazing!

Be prepared to see me talking about Leona much much more in the next months (and maybe forever!)…. I’m even on her facebook friends list lol that’s dedication for ya!

/me sings “I don’t care what they say I’m in love with you, they try to pull me away but they don’t know the truth, my hearts crippled by the vain that I keep on closing, you cut me open & I keep bleeding keep keep bleeding love…… you cut me open”

On my way to the Salon to beautify myself, I saw all these flashing lights and a crowd forming. So being the nosy person I am, I decided to walk to the flashing lights and I see a bus pulled over with an old man lying on the road.

Instantly everyone thought he was run over by the bus, but there was no blood on the road so then people started saying that the guy was probably drunk and fell down, while others thought the old man collapsed and the bus driver went to help him.

The police started interviewing the passengers on the bus along with the driver and the he kept pointing to the bus door. In the meantime, the paramedics came and gave the old man some air and eventually got him to his feet without a mark on him. I still don’t know what happened but he’s lucky to be alive if he did get hit by the bus! He was whisked off in the ambulance & my curosity got the better of me… maybe it will be in the news tomorrow so I can find out what happened!

Oh the drama!

Last Night I dream that Harper’s Bazaar wanted to use my apartment for a photo shoot and famous people were going in & out all day long as I was looking in. At the end of the day, I was then given an envelope with £250 payment for use of my apartment and all of a sudden I scream “yaaay now I can buy a new digi cam”

Random or What!

1. I’ve lost all motivation to actually do anything, I’m just so tired all the time

2. The hospital specialist gave me more pills, so now I take 8 pills daily to help control my fucking pain and my ovary

3. Mama is still here

4. My great-aunt has took a turn for the worse, she can no longer walk, talk much, or chew food. She doesn’t have much longer to live and it’s really upsetting

5. My brother introduced his girlfriend to mama & me. She came for dinner on Sunday night… she’s 24 & blonde and kinda cute. This is the first time my brother has ever talked about any girl in his life and meeting her is a huge step! He already met her family so things are looking interesting! Mama really liked her & she thinks that I’m too quiet hahahahah

6. I’ve been ignoring alot of people these days, not because I’m pissed at them… I just want space to breathe

7. I’m craving all the things I’m no longer allowed to eat

8. I’ve been getting extreme migranes and vomiting like crazy!

9. The noisy neighbour upstairs is still making the annoying noises, my mom says the noise I hear this time is not him jumping but him with a visitor and the bed banging…. thus referring to hot sex…. not the thing I really wanna hear!

Oh how it’s fun to be me!

One Word: AMAZING!




When a terrorist bomb detonates inside a Western housing compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, an international incident is ignited. While diplomats slowly debate equations of territorialism, FBI Special Agent Ronald Fleury (Jamie Foxx) quickly assembles an elite team (Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman) and negotiates a secret five-day trip into Saudi Arabia to locate the madman behind the bombing. Upon landing in the desert kingdom, however, Fleury and his team discover Saudi authorities suspicious and unwelcoming of American interlopers into what they consider a local matter. Hamstrung by protocol-and with the clock ticking on their five days-the FBI agents find their expertise worthless without the trust of their Saudi counterparts, who want to locate the terrorist in their homeland on their own terms. Fleury’s crew finds a like-minded partner in Saudi Colonel Faris Al-Ghazi (Ashraf Barhoum), who helps them navigate royal politics and unlock the secrets of the crime scene and the workings of an extremist cell bent on further destruction. With these unlikely allies sharing a propulsive commitment to crack the case, the team is led to the killer’s front door in a blistering do-or-die confrontation. Now in a fight for their own lives, strangers united by one mission won’t stop until justice is found in The Kingdom.
Source: IMdb

The way the movie was directed was unreal! The action scenes were cool, the story was well written and acted and they didn’t seem to have that sorta ideal that “All Muslims are evil!”. I loved the start of the movie (the opening credits) which I really won’t get into since most of you may not have seen the movie yet but I will say that it’s interesting information! The action scenes were cool and there is one scene when you’ll go OUCH! One thing that got me puzzled was that Jennifer Gardener played one of the FBI agents but she walked around in tiny little t-shirts instead of covering up which you’re supposed to do when you leave Western Compounds there. Just something I noticed along with the Police dudes praying on the ground instead of prayer mats! Prince Thamer was a hottie & Faris the cop was so funny when talking to the FBI agents!

By far, it’s the best movie I’ve watched this year and it’s one that I’d watch time & time again! I’d totally recommend it!

[rating: 4.5/5]

I feel like CRAP!

I finally got my period on August 22nd which lasted until August 29th, which is good since it was 6 months since I had one previously. Fastforward to September 12th, just 2 weeks after finishing my period, and guess what? I get it again! This time instead of lasting for 8 days, it lasted for 13 days. Today is October 1st, a week since I finished my period, and guess what?! I HAVE IT AGAIN!

Now seriously! I was bitching about it not coming, but having 3 within this time span is seriously fucking me up internally and emotionally! I’m blaming that stupid implant in my arm for doing this to me *sigh* then again, at least I’m not going 6 months without having my period & one of the side effects of the implant is continous bleeding! That means for the 3 years that I’ll have the implant in my arm, I could be bleeding like this.. damn that will be a bitch!

It’s messing me up physically as well, because whenever I get my period, I don’t eat. My appetite is lost and I only drink water, get extreme headaches, vomit like crazy and am basically bed-bound until it’s over plus don’t get me started on the stomach cramps *cries*

Only girls can bleed this much and still be alive! Who the hell invented period anyway!? I mean guys have little fishes to create babies and as the little fishes swim around in their little home looking for somewhere to go, guys don’t bleed! So why do women have to bleed when their little eggs decide to break and run away?!?!