I handed in all my projects and I’m near the end of my Masters. It’s like a huge weight off my shoulders but a terrifying next few weeks waiting for my results to see if I’ll graduate in Jan 2008 or not!

Today was my 1st offical relaxing day, last night I slept at 8pm as I couldn’t keep my eyes open but then woke up 3 hours later and couldn’t sleep again til 7am this morning then woke up at 12:30pm, jumped in the shower, fixed my hair, got dressed up and went to meet my friend Wissam and went to watch KNOCKED UP. Oh my God I couldn’t stop laughing, you really need to see it (actually download it off the net). Tonight I’ve just been watching TV, lying on the sofa being a couch potato and browsing the net catching up on all the gossip and doing som blog designs that I promised people 😀

Tomorrow I’m going to a new Irani Restaurant called Koolba, for fu6oor which will be yummy *drool* I love Irani food hehehe




  1. uhh… I adore relaxation’s life. really adore! 😛

    hey, you’re using “enshalla” as well???

  2. @chikapappi – hehe I hate feet ;p Thanks for all ur help as well ;***

    @nono – haha yah I always say enshalla 😛

    @Laila – yah they ain’t blocked here, I’ve been using those sites for a while now 😀

    @dooj – gotta thank my parents for buying me it then 😉

    @Swair – I know! Seriously haha

    @Ansam – tell me about it! I was cracking up hehe

    @Marzouq – yes I’m a lazy butt, I deserve it hahahaha

  3. yeah color lots of color would make your apartment kickass .. with funky paintings 🙂 enshallah u graduate and get that Masters girl!

  4. @L – hehehe thats up to my mom ;p

    @Jackie – i hate toes ;p

    @Pink Gurl – I have another week of it 😉

    @Kuwaitizen – loool thank u hehee

  5. are u currently in london? im all the way in canada, any chance of u visiting here?

  6. Hey chica! *hugs* I missed you :**** My bros are hogging the net so there’s not much of a chance of me gettin’ on msn anytime soon so we totally need to exchange digits. Like, pronto! I missed our “talks” 😛

    Tip = keep yourself busy and those agonizing weeks of waiting in anticipation will pass by in a jiffy (more or less) 😛

    Another Tip = Use the “secret”. Y’know where you visualize what you want blah blah blah 😛


    I rented “Knocked Up” in Cyprus but it was a bootleg copy with crappy quality so I gave up on it and totally forgot about it till now lol EVERYONE recommends it, though 🙂

    Bon Apetite` !

    Take care, yeah?


    P.S. Did I mention that I miss you? 😛

  7. tht’s really cool. i mean, you, using enshaallah. it sounds unique.. 🙂
    oh yea, i need to agree with your friend about having some painting on the wall in order to make your room more “happening”… duh! i dont have a beautiful word to use.. i lost my word. sigh..

    urm, i saw ashtray there. OPS! 😛

  8. @Laila – I’m in Glasgow, well you never know! I might go to Canada one day 😛

    @Drunk’n’Gorgeous – mwaah missed u too chicita! I’m sure I have your number somewhere hehehe I’ll email you my number to keep in touch more often! I miss our gossip sessions! You so HAVE to watch Knocked Up it’s hella funny! Miss yew! Bisous Bisous ;*

    @Laila – where? I only see ur myspace addy!

    @nono – hehe I’m a weird one hehehe My mom is the one who decorates the place so I’ll get her to put painting on the wall n stuff :p The ashtray is my mom’s as well, she’s a smoke-a-holic haha I haven’t moved it from the table! I hate cigarettes *shiver*

    @shopa – it’s really messy right now, maybe thats why hehee

  9. Oh God! I have a smoke-a-holic mommy too! My mum is a heavy smoker tho! Holly-heavy-great smoker..! And I hate cigarettes. I can’t stand with the smell. Eww.. Haha.

  10. Good luck in yr studies nany!

    & aaah sometimes being home & doing nothing is a very relaxing therapy for those who have been running most of the week!

  11. thats a lot of cigs in the ashtray… looks like u were being a couch potatoe for a while 😉

  12. @nono – I hate how ur clothes smell of it!

    @Dreamy – thank u dear ;*

    @Fonzy – if you read the comments, you’ll see that the ashtray is not mine 😀

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