I had a falafel sandwich and pomegranate juice to eat today, and now my belly hurts *sigh* or maybe it’s hurting cause thats all I ate today. I am having some Sour Cream & Onion Pringles and some Diet Coke now though to help the pain, just incase it’s from lack of munchies.

It was yummy though, it even had za3ter in it, although Pret a Manger ruined it with tons of this tomato paste sauce. I like it plain and simple; falafel, humous, maybe some lettuce, chopped tomatoes and a sprinkle of za3ter for taste. Why can’t the little falafel shop in Salwa Center DHL falafel to me every week?! I miss it… I really really do 🙁

I think I should start making my own falafel again, but but but I can’t be bothered! It takes effort! Oh saying that reminds me of this new Irani restaurant that opened here in Glasgow, I’m gonna check it out with my Omani friend at the end of the week! I missed her, but she’s back tomorrow 😀

I need a massage *sigh* my back aches too!


  1. @Marzouq – hehe I just had pizza with my grandfather 😀

    @chikapappi – falafel is fun to make, I’m just lazy haha

    @Jackie – abiiiii :'(

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