43 hours without any sleep
43 hours of studying my ass off to hand in projects
43 hours of coffee
43 hours without any food
43 hours hearing the neighbour upstairs play his guitar
43 hours of sitting on an uncomfortable chair
43 hours staring at my laptop

After 43 hours staying awake, I finally slept at 3am this morning only to wake up at 6am, then again at 9am, then again at 11am to take my medication, then finally got outta bed at 2pm.

11 hours of sleeping for being awake for 43 hours?

That’s not right! I’m relaxing today, no studying AT ALL. Just me, the sofa, DVD’s and the occasional internet breaks.

I’m still tired *sigh*


  1. I wouldn’t be able to function after 24 hours … also I’m the type that would get sick if I didn’t get any sleep :/
    Hope you enjoy your day of relaxation ^_^

  2. you are super woman! I wouldn’t have lasted that long… now you can rest & remember what I told you to tell your professors 😀

  3. @Marzouq – I hope so too hahaha I slept at 8am this morning and just woke up 🙁

    @Laialy_q8 – Yesterday was good, I needed it! Back to studying today and tomorrow lol

    @chikapappi – hahahha yah I remember 😛

  4. Hye ananyah @ mimi @ minnie.

    Thank you for dropping by and thank you for correcting me about your blog’s name. I am so sorry for not asking your permission to link you.

    Anyways, I found your blog through a friend. She loves reading your blog but she didn’t link you. So, I did! Cus it is one of my favorite blog-to-stalk now! Yes, you have another fan from Malaysia…

    P.s: You should kill him. I mean your noisy-neighbor. 😀

    Warm regards from Malaysia.

  5. @Moey – haha totally!

    @nono – I go under so many nicknames as people call me different things hehee you don’t need to ask for permission wallah 😀 Feel free to stalk me, I’ll look forward to your comments 😀

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