+ to lie in bed all weekend without having to leave except to the bathroom and the fridge for food
+ to get a huge weight lifted off my shoulders
+ to not worry about deadlines for at least a month or two
+ to stop waking up at 6am to study all day and not sleep til 1am
+ to actually have a day when I’m not studying
+ to talk on the phone call day long with my friends
+ to catch up on all the blogger gossip & comment back
+ to watch some movies
+ to celebrate my friends engagement with her
+ to live again

I’m just too tired 🙁


  1. Yeah I know babe… i keep saying the hard part is over & enshalla it’ll be over soon – you’re managing your time well I guess.. just don’t think of the negatives ..

  2. @chikapappi – managing my time? hahaha if you only knew *screams* negative is all I have right now! Maybe next month I’ll be happy!

  3. Yala at last you will be done with everything then you can do the work I have assigned you god damn it!!!! lol!

  4. @Emaratioryx – 🙁

    @Blue Dress – or break something

    @missy – time yes…. I hate thinking about tim!

    @Marzouq – all in good time 😉

    @TAT – did that for long enough!

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