My dad called me last night while walking back to our house in Paris, the conversation was funny, so I’m blogging it:

Dad: Hello Mickey
Me: Hello, Sup
Dad: Nothin’ much, walking back home
Me: At this time? It’s 10pm
Dad: Ya, your mum is gonna kill me, dinner is burnt cause of me
Me: hahahah is that any different? She always wants to kill you
Dad: So what you been up to today?
Me: Went to Uni & got a book out
Dad: No you never
Me: Yes I did
Dad: You? Study? NEEEVER!
Me: Well I did so, I’m rather intelligent sometimes
Dad: Uhhuuh so hows your grandpa?
Me: He’s okay, I haven’t been over in a while & the dog is annoying him, he’s hyper!
Dad: No more gossip then?
Me: Well…. I was watching the VMA’s last nite and omg Britney Spears performance
Dad: Oh yeah it was terrible, did you see it! Awful I tell you! Her career is over!
Me: Yeah!
Dad: Did you watch the Emmy’s?
Me: Nah
Dad: Izzi from Grey’s Anatomy won one
Me: Yah? I saw her dress in a magazine, it was nice
Dad: Yah! Anyhooo, thanks for the chat… talk later 😀
Me: Okay Byeeeeeeeeeeee

So yeah, one minute being serious talking about jobs n all, the next how bad Britney was hehehehe I miss him hehehe he’s coming over with mom in the beginning of October so that cool. Ever since I was young, my dad nicknamed me Mickey and when I got braces when I was 12, he started calling me Mental Mickey (not Metal) lol


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