…. I cannot stand them!

I needed to get some food for the apartment, so I headed to my local supermarket which is like not even 5 mins away by walking. So I grabbed a basket as I walked in and walked around picking up bits as I went along. I was being good, sticking to the food I have to eat, walking past the food I’m not allowed to eat anymore.

The thing I hate most is that when your basket gets heavy, no one is around to carry it for you! They don’t have trolley’s in the supermarket near me which is annoying but it’s because it’s a Sainsbury’s Local and not a huge one. So yah…. walking around, my arms are nearly falling off, basket in both hands and I’m walking like a penguin pushing past people who get in my way…. and that’s when I start getting moody. I hate shopping when it’s busy, I’d rather shop someone where there is hardly any people around!

So I’m waiting to pay now, I have to wait 10 minutes in a queue and then the dude starts packing my bags (which is always good since I hate that bit) and I get my wallet out and he wants £14.32 and I grab my change.

Walking home, I’m singing a song in my head, wondering where on earth the burning smell in the air is coming from…. then…


Not spitting tiny lil droplets of rain, but a huge down pour of rain which instantaneously makes me all wet. I did have an umbrella in my handbag, but how would I manage to balance 4 heavy bags along with that?! So yah, I got home and had to throw all my clothes into the washing machine and dry my hair *sniffles*

On the fun side, I have tons of food @ home now! I bought:

    Sirlon Steak
    Omega-3 Wholemeal Bread
    A can of diet coke
    A sandwich for lunch
    Omega-3 Eggs
    Turkey Meat for Sandwiches
    Ice Cream
    Salad Dressing
    2 x Peach Flavoured Water





  1. @Jackie – my sentiments exactly! I wish I had a cook that would magically prepare all the dishes I want to eat ;P saying that… my mom is coming at the end of the month hahahaha

  2. @Marzouq – So do I, but I’m stopping myself since I’m not allowed to eat junk food with the medication I’m on & I told you that I’m gonna annoy ur cook when I’m there haha

  3. I remember lugging groceries – no fun at all. Any chance they could deliver?

    The store looks clean and like there is a lot of variety. I always love your photos!

  4. If I dont write down a shopping list I will go crazy, but when I stick to one.. then I am on the safe side. We do have those small markets in Milton Keynes (when we go there in the summer) so we usually go there with a trolly-like bag for shopping.. it makes the job easier and smoother 🙂

  5. @Intlxpatr – That supermarket doesn’t, but I could do online shopping and another one delivers but I wanted food there and then, so I had to do it the hard way 😛 The store is a little crowded, there is variety but not that much. This was a tiny city centre supermarket inside a shopping mall (not like Market Sultan in Souk Sharq).

    @Ansam – yah I do that in Paris with my mom, since everyone does it there. I think I’d look an idiot if I walked around with one of those in the city centre 😛 I normally write lists, but I never stick to them hehe

  6. @chikapappi – yah I know! I normally have an idea of what I want to buy anything I go shopping, and when I don’t find it, I get all moody hahaha people hate shopping with me.

  7. Sub7an Allah, just a few days ago I was thinking about that weird Sainsburys inside Buchanan Gallery and how we had to lug our bags from it all the way to the other end of Bath Street and now here you are writing about it.

  8. @Marzouq – yesh u do!

    @muscati – haha thats so funny! I really do hate the Sainsbury’s in Buchanan Galleries but there is nowhere else to go, unless I walk to Tesco’s which is like all the way near Merchant City and that would be worse carrying bags! I think I’ll try online supermarket shopping next lol 😀

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