I wish someone gave me that warning when I moved into my apartment at the beginning of the year. I’ve been living here for 8 months and my neighbour is driving me insane! When I first moved in, there was hardly anyone in the building as it was recently developed.. then HE turned up around 3-4 months ago!

I was woken up at 4am one morning with huge banging coming from upstairs, I thought furniture was getting thrown around or someone was having really hot sex and seriously I couldn’t sleep! All I heard was THUMP THUMP BANG BANG, I didn’t wanna get outta bed and walk to his apartment cause I’m a scaredy cat. Anyhoo, in the last month or so, the noise has got worse. 2am and electric guitars are playing at full blast, jumping up and down and screaming.

When the concierge dude of my building was washing my windows (there is no frikin way I’m hanging outside of a window!) I asked him who the guy upstairs was because he makes so much noise. He told me that he is a Record Producer and that he has a studio upstairs, along with bands coming and going, I’ve seen a few limo’s @ my building too so I guess he explains it

But seriously, 2-5am making that sorta noise?! A girl needs her sleep y’know!

Tonight I was almost screaming, sure it’s not whatever time in the morning, but it’s “night time” and you don’t wanna hear tons of guys jumping up and down, singing and playing guitar while you’re trying to study (or eat, watch TV, sleep and relax!). Why can’t be sound proof his apartment?! or find somewhere else to play with his toys?!

Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to tell him to shut the fuck up!


  1. I told you to just go up and beat the hell out of him, record producer shmoser! I don’t care he’s a nuisance!

  2. @Jackie – He’s a total nuisance but he might beat me up with a guitar ;p

    @Marzouq – I can’t help it if I’m a chicken 🙁

  3. Get the concierge dude to shut him up.. let him tell the noisy bastard that he’s been getting complaints! (notice the ‘s’ that makes ur complaint plural? :p)

  4. @chikapappi – last night I was listening to gangsta rap really loud and singing hahahahha

    @Swair – the concierge dude is never around when the guy is awake (or in the building!) he always seems to come back home in the middle of the night and make my life a living hell when I’m trying to get some sleep 🙁 I have puffy eyes now!

  5. @Intlxpatr – I’m not in Paris @ the moment, I’m back in the UK @ University. He was actually quiet last nite for a change, but I can hear him playing guitar right now and I have a headache lol I think I’ll just play some of my music to drown him out

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