I need a fucking break! I’m doing an all night long study session writing 4000 words for a class I hate with a passion. I’ve finished the Diet Coke, I’ve moved onto coffee and chilli doritos *drool*. I just made the first cup of coffee of the night (erm morning since its 2:30am!) and it’s rather strong since I didn’t use a spoon to measure but I need it!

Do I care about socio-economical factors or the state of the economy? HELL FUCKING NO!

I shall not go to sleep til I’ve finished the last 1000 frikin words of this bullshit!

Toodles y’all, this shall be a long night/morning… then I gotta do it all over again with 2000 words on the Data Protection Act *vomit*

It’s 4:33 and I’m giving up for the night after 12 hours of studying. I’ll wake up in 5 hrs or so *yawn*


  1. Be positive girl! Wallah we’re so proud of you. Just think that you are doing something a loooooooot of people (including myself) always wanted to do but couldn’t. It will all pay off soon, you will see. Once you have that sexy degree framed on the wall, you will take a deep breath and think “daayuum man! I’ve come so far! Me likey me, me so proooouuud” =)

    YALLAH CHUB!!! CHEER UP!!! SWITCH TO SMOOTHIES! LESS HAZARDOUS!!! *mmmmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwah* :***


  2. @Missy-TheOriginal – I’m tryiiiiing! I love smoothies too!

    @Camelia – thank you so much!

    @Marzouq – Let’s hit up Vegas haha

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