September 2007


I handed in all my projects and I’m near the end of my Masters. It’s like a huge weight off my shoulders but a terrifying next few weeks waiting for my results to see if I’ll graduate in Jan 2008 or not!

Today was my 1st offical relaxing day, last night I slept at 8pm as I couldn’t keep my eyes open but then woke up 3 hours later and couldn’t sleep again til 7am this morning then woke up at 12:30pm, jumped in the shower, fixed my hair, got dressed up and went to meet my friend Wissam and went to watch KNOCKED UP. Oh my God I couldn’t stop laughing, you really need to see it (actually download it off the net). Tonight I’ve just been watching TV, lying on the sofa being a couch potato and browsing the net catching up on all the gossip and doing som blog designs that I promised people 😀

Tomorrow I’m going to a new Irani Restaurant called Koolba, for fu6oor which will be yummy *drool* I love Irani food hehehe



I stayed over at my grandfather’s house last night so that we could go see his sister today. I’ve spoken before about my great-aunt and how she has terminal colon cancer. But actually seeing her today really messed me up 🙁

My brother came to pick us up along with my mom’s sister who wanted to visit my great-aunt. My great-aunt just got out of hospital after having a bad patch the other week. She is getting no treatment for the cancer as the hospital believe she is too weak and old to survive any surgery, along with the level the cancer is she’d probably die on the operating table.

Things recently got worse when the skin on her legs started developing ulcer’s and clear discharge started coming from them along with blood sometimes. Basically now the skin is eating away on itself and she has red-raw patches of fresh all over her legs where the skin is gone. The doctors have no idea why this is happening and they don’t know if it’s the medication she’s on to help her or it’s the cancer itself which is eating away at the skin.

She got out of hospital on Monday and my grandfather’s other sister who lives in England was staying with her for a while to make sure she’s okay which is nice, but she’s leaving in a few days and that is what everyone is scared of. How will she cope on her own?!

Every morning, a local nurse comes and helps her out of bed and gives her a bath, then settles her downstairs for the day. Then around lunch time, another nurse comes and puts fresh bandages on her legs and washes them. The nurse arrived while we there there and my heart broke seeing her in pain. Imagine having your flesh cleaned and the pain you must feel. She never screamed with pain, but her eyes told a different story. Everyone left the room while the nurse was fixing her legs but as I walked into the living room, she was crying from the pain and said “please give me a minute”.

She looks so old and weak now, the last time I saw her she was just a normal 79 year old lady who was laughing and smiling, now less than a year later she’s battling cancer and can hardly walk. What a different a year makes ha?

It’s affecting my grandfather even more, he is lost and doesn’t know what to do to help his little sister. My grandfather is 81 and because my great-aunt lives over an hour away, my grandfather cannot drive all that distance anyway so he doesn’t see her all the time. He has to rely on my brother or my mom whenever she’s over, which is good she’s coming over for a month next week, so he can visit her more.

After we left her house, my aunt (who is a senior ER nurse) said “I don’t know how she’s going to cope alone”. Sure she has friends around who visit her and make sure she’s okay, and the nurses come into her house, but it’s things like eating, making sure she takes her medicine and what happens if she falls down in the house and there is no one there?!

When I was little, my great-aunt used to bake cakes and cookies and always give a huge box to my grandmother when she was still alive and of course I’d love them and eat them all. I miss seeing her laugh and joke and hate seeing her in pain. When I came back to the UK to study, everytime I had a short vacation I’d stay with my grandfather and we’d go visit my great-aunt every Sunday and have lunch at her house while watching F1 on TV hehe.

I had alot of fun memories with her and it’s seriously messing me up seeing her like this. She’s in pain and everyone feels so helpless and it’s like we all know she’s going to die, we just don’t know how long she’s got 🙁

I had a falafel sandwich and pomegranate juice to eat today, and now my belly hurts *sigh* or maybe it’s hurting cause thats all I ate today. I am having some Sour Cream & Onion Pringles and some Diet Coke now though to help the pain, just incase it’s from lack of munchies.

It was yummy though, it even had za3ter in it, although Pret a Manger ruined it with tons of this tomato paste sauce. I like it plain and simple; falafel, humous, maybe some lettuce, chopped tomatoes and a sprinkle of za3ter for taste. Why can’t the little falafel shop in Salwa Center DHL falafel to me every week?! I miss it… I really really do 🙁

I think I should start making my own falafel again, but but but I can’t be bothered! It takes effort! Oh saying that reminds me of this new Irani restaurant that opened here in Glasgow, I’m gonna check it out with my Omani friend at the end of the week! I missed her, but she’s back tomorrow 😀

I need a massage *sigh* my back aches too!


I just downloaded the 1st episode of the new US TV Show GOSSIP GIRL and LOVED IT!

Based on a series of novels by Cecily von Ziegesar, Gossip Girl revolves around the lives of socialite young adults growing up on New York’s Upper East Side who attend elite academic institutions whilst dealing with sex, drugs, and other teenage issues. Featuring an ensemble cast, the series mainly centers around the lives of former best friends, Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf, and their shared romantic interest, Nate Archibald. As outsiders looking in, Dan and Jenny Humphrey do not run in the same social or financial circles as their peers but are drawn into their lives nonetheless. The series is narrated by a seemingly omniscient character, “Gossip Girl”, who runs a blog about her fellow Upper East Siders, consequently stirring the pot and creating potential rivalries in this exclusive and vicious circle of friends.

You HAVE to watch it! Download the 1st episode (torrent) from here and it’s on every Wednesday, so the new torrent would normally be up the next day 😀

Check out the preview video:

43 hours without any sleep
43 hours of studying my ass off to hand in projects
43 hours of coffee
43 hours without any food
43 hours hearing the neighbour upstairs play his guitar
43 hours of sitting on an uncomfortable chair
43 hours staring at my laptop

After 43 hours staying awake, I finally slept at 3am this morning only to wake up at 6am, then again at 9am, then again at 11am to take my medication, then finally got outta bed at 2pm.

11 hours of sleeping for being awake for 43 hours?

That’s not right! I’m relaxing today, no studying AT ALL. Just me, the sofa, DVD’s and the occasional internet breaks.

I’m still tired *sigh*

So it’s 4:28am as I’m typing this. The guy upstairs has his windows open, I can hear his music word for word (REALLY LOUD), there are bangs like he (and maybe others) and jumping up and down like those Indie/Rock weirdo’s do!

I cannot stand it! I’m ready to scream!!!!!

I thought of calling the Police but it’s now 4:30am and I’m in my PJ’s and my apartment is messy and I know they’d come and talk to me and I don’t really like the idea of police beeble in my apartment @ this time.

So… my solution? In 4 hours when the building management come to the building (they work 8-5pm), I’m going to go see him and complain. I can’t take much more!


Doesn’t he have any respect for his neighbours? Those who have a week left until they know if they graduate or not and are studying their ass off to make sure they do?!?!?!?!?!

GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today has been annoyingly cold, seriously! I never normally put the heating on because I hate it when it’s too stuffy & you feel like you can’t breathe and then I start getting migraines and feel like I wanna vomit.

But anyway, I woke up and I was shivering! Oh My Frikin God it was cold! I had to put on fluffy socks, a sweater, baggy pants and wrap a blanket over me… then switched the new space heater on and sat next to it until I de-frosted lol

I was out at my grandfather’s house earlier, taking a break from studying and I was so cold that I made Chewy the doggy sit on my lap and I was hugging him so his fur would keep me warm hahahaha

On my way home, it started raining really bad & I didn’t have a jacket… but I did have my trusty umbrella… so trusty that it broke and blew away half way down the street!

Once again, I’m freezing cold & wet from this terrible weather *sigh*

+ to lie in bed all weekend without having to leave except to the bathroom and the fridge for food
+ to get a huge weight lifted off my shoulders
+ to not worry about deadlines for at least a month or two
+ to stop waking up at 6am to study all day and not sleep til 1am
+ to actually have a day when I’m not studying
+ to talk on the phone call day long with my friends
+ to catch up on all the blogger gossip & comment back
+ to watch some movies
+ to celebrate my friends engagement with her
+ to live again

I’m just too tired 🙁

My dad called me last night while walking back to our house in Paris, the conversation was funny, so I’m blogging it:

Dad: Hello Mickey
Me: Hello, Sup
Dad: Nothin’ much, walking back home
Me: At this time? It’s 10pm
Dad: Ya, your mum is gonna kill me, dinner is burnt cause of me
Me: hahahah is that any different? She always wants to kill you
Dad: So what you been up to today?
Me: Went to Uni & got a book out
Dad: No you never
Me: Yes I did
Dad: You? Study? NEEEVER!
Me: Well I did so, I’m rather intelligent sometimes
Dad: Uhhuuh so hows your grandpa?
Me: He’s okay, I haven’t been over in a while & the dog is annoying him, he’s hyper!
Dad: No more gossip then?
Me: Well…. I was watching the VMA’s last nite and omg Britney Spears performance
Dad: Oh yeah it was terrible, did you see it! Awful I tell you! Her career is over!
Me: Yeah!
Dad: Did you watch the Emmy’s?
Me: Nah
Dad: Izzi from Grey’s Anatomy won one
Me: Yah? I saw her dress in a magazine, it was nice
Dad: Yah! Anyhooo, thanks for the chat… talk later 😀
Me: Okay Byeeeeeeeeeeee

So yeah, one minute being serious talking about jobs n all, the next how bad Britney was hehehehe I miss him hehehe he’s coming over with mom in the beginning of October so that cool. Ever since I was young, my dad nicknamed me Mickey and when I got braces when I was 12, he started calling me Mental Mickey (not Metal) lol

…. I cannot stand them!

I needed to get some food for the apartment, so I headed to my local supermarket which is like not even 5 mins away by walking. So I grabbed a basket as I walked in and walked around picking up bits as I went along. I was being good, sticking to the food I have to eat, walking past the food I’m not allowed to eat anymore.

The thing I hate most is that when your basket gets heavy, no one is around to carry it for you! They don’t have trolley’s in the supermarket near me which is annoying but it’s because it’s a Sainsbury’s Local and not a huge one. So yah…. walking around, my arms are nearly falling off, basket in both hands and I’m walking like a penguin pushing past people who get in my way…. and that’s when I start getting moody. I hate shopping when it’s busy, I’d rather shop someone where there is hardly any people around!

So I’m waiting to pay now, I have to wait 10 minutes in a queue and then the dude starts packing my bags (which is always good since I hate that bit) and I get my wallet out and he wants £14.32 and I grab my change.

Walking home, I’m singing a song in my head, wondering where on earth the burning smell in the air is coming from…. then…


Not spitting tiny lil droplets of rain, but a huge down pour of rain which instantaneously makes me all wet. I did have an umbrella in my handbag, but how would I manage to balance 4 heavy bags along with that?! So yah, I got home and had to throw all my clothes into the washing machine and dry my hair *sniffles*

On the fun side, I have tons of food @ home now! I bought:

    Sirlon Steak
    Omega-3 Wholemeal Bread
    A can of diet coke
    A sandwich for lunch
    Omega-3 Eggs
    Turkey Meat for Sandwiches
    Ice Cream
    Salad Dressing
    2 x Peach Flavoured Water





I wish someone gave me that warning when I moved into my apartment at the beginning of the year. I’ve been living here for 8 months and my neighbour is driving me insane! When I first moved in, there was hardly anyone in the building as it was recently developed.. then HE turned up around 3-4 months ago!

I was woken up at 4am one morning with huge banging coming from upstairs, I thought furniture was getting thrown around or someone was having really hot sex and seriously I couldn’t sleep! All I heard was THUMP THUMP BANG BANG, I didn’t wanna get outta bed and walk to his apartment cause I’m a scaredy cat. Anyhoo, in the last month or so, the noise has got worse. 2am and electric guitars are playing at full blast, jumping up and down and screaming.

When the concierge dude of my building was washing my windows (there is no frikin way I’m hanging outside of a window!) I asked him who the guy upstairs was because he makes so much noise. He told me that he is a Record Producer and that he has a studio upstairs, along with bands coming and going, I’ve seen a few limo’s @ my building too so I guess he explains it

But seriously, 2-5am making that sorta noise?! A girl needs her sleep y’know!

Tonight I was almost screaming, sure it’s not whatever time in the morning, but it’s “night time” and you don’t wanna hear tons of guys jumping up and down, singing and playing guitar while you’re trying to study (or eat, watch TV, sleep and relax!). Why can’t be sound proof his apartment?! or find somewhere else to play with his toys?!

Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to tell him to shut the fuck up!

I need a fucking break! I’m doing an all night long study session writing 4000 words for a class I hate with a passion. I’ve finished the Diet Coke, I’ve moved onto coffee and chilli doritos *drool*. I just made the first cup of coffee of the night (erm morning since its 2:30am!) and it’s rather strong since I didn’t use a spoon to measure but I need it!

Do I care about socio-economical factors or the state of the economy? HELL FUCKING NO!

I shall not go to sleep til I’ve finished the last 1000 frikin words of this bullshit!

Toodles y’all, this shall be a long night/morning… then I gotta do it all over again with 2000 words on the Data Protection Act *vomit*

It’s 4:33 and I’m giving up for the night after 12 hours of studying. I’ll wake up in 5 hrs or so *yawn*