What do you see when you look out your bedroom window?

Here is my view:

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  1. I WANNA GO TO THE THEEEEEEEEAAAATTTREEEE!!!!!! Wanna switch?! 😛 hehe

    Here in the UK a field with rabbits & foxes at dawn. In Kuwait, our neighbor’s garage- and God damn it woman I tell you, I had one hot neighbor!!! A PLEASURE for sighting! Too bad he got hitched! He never really saw me until the day after his milcha! He stood there dumbfounded like I landed from mars! I wanted to smack his face and say “TOO LATE SUCKER!!!!”

  2. Dreamy– awww

    Missy– hahahaha sure lets switch ;p and yah its ur neighbours fault 😛

    JuJu– No you dont 🙁

  3. I see my neighbors wall.. and its about 15 meters away..

    Nice seeing the ground a bit.. no real view..

  4. Well, back in Boston I used to have a nice view of a huge garden and the street behind it. Here in Bahrain I have a great view of sand, more sand, and some rocks. Beautiful.

  5. The view from my room is pretty pointless. Neighbor’s house and if I look below I can see the skylight to our kitchen. Yeah it’s random. Tag me in something better 😉

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