I’m at the airport, my flight leaves in 15 minutes, I have my only piece of luggage with me: my handbag. Cramped with magazines, iPod, CDs, a tshirt and a tiny bottle of perfume. I already have my boarding card (online check-in) and I have special Priority boarding, before screaming little kids and old disabled people, since I’m a VIP :lmao:

This trip will be quick & funny… I’m looking forward to it!

Basically what is happening is:
6:00pm- Arrive to Paris, met by my mother in her car
9:00pm- Arrive to Calais and get Euro Tunnel back to the UK, then check into our hotel
*skip to next morning*
9:00am- Wake up, have breakfast
11:00am- Drive all the way to Glasgow (that will take like 10 hours, maybe less, depending if my mom speeds!)

Then back home hopefully for like 10ish PM :dance:

The reason behind this trip is that my father will be away on business for a month, and my mom doesnt want to stay in Paris alone, so she’s coming over to stay with me for a month and look after me 😀

The best part is, I can stock the car up with my favourite french things I cannot buy in the UK 😛

So take care, have a great weekend everyone 😀


  1. okay this is crazy! ur going to her, and then ur both back to ur place? why didnt she come in the first place. lol

  2. lol yah it was crazy, I got back on Thursday late night. Basically, my mom needed to bring her car over to the UK and she didnt want to drive the whole way on her own, so I flew over and she picked me up and then we drove back here ;p

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