Ever since I got the implant in my arm which pumps hormones into my blood stream, I’ve been having weird cravings for things I hated in the past. I think I’m mentally pregnant lol

For 2 days now, I’ve been craving FISH! Now anyone who knows me knows that I detest fish with a passion, I cannot stand it. But there I was yesterday buying fish and eating it. I woke up today craving more fish AND raw tomatoes which I also cannot stand… oh & drinking full fat milk which I never drink (I like the skimmed one)

As I’m typing this I’m craving fish which has been baked then grilled gently, then lemon drizzled ontop :yum:

Damn it I’m going insane!


  1. OK, I don’t get the fish crazy but its better then crazy KFC or something like that! looool! Hopefully the pain is dying down!

  2. hahahaha when u come to Kuwait, i’m going to make u some Chan3ad fish *wiggles eyebrows*
    you’re going to really like it, it doesn’t taste as fishy as all the other fish :p

    or should i hope that you keep having those cravings so you can be able to actually eat the Chan3ad? :p

  3. Well its good ur craving healthy food! All for the better i hope 🙂

  4. Loool weird cravings indeed! But the fish in the shot looks yummy, which i think kinda explains why ur craving for more fish lol

  5. Zouk– I don’t get it either hahahahah

    Swair– erm okay *wiggle eyebrows*

    Lilo– For once I’m not even craving chocolate!

    Rehan– Yea I’m feeling alot better

    DxBroSe– The fish above was frikin yummmy!

    Ansam– Yea, I normally used to crave junk hehe

    Jackie– Maybe a sister ;p

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