August 2007


Actually, I’m a little late…. he’s 1 year and 2 months old 😀 He’s getting big :love: (well as big as a tiny yorkshire terrier can get!). His latest craze is eating banana & running to the kitchen after I tell him he’s a good boy after peeing outside and waits for some doggy treats 😛

In his little bed with his teddy bear

Chewy sitting on the sofa next to me

His favourite place in the garden, where he munches the plants

He’s so frikin adorable that if you are in a bad mood, he cheers you right up *squishy hug*

I’m at the airport, my flight leaves in 15 minutes, I have my only piece of luggage with me: my handbag. Cramped with magazines, iPod, CDs, a tshirt and a tiny bottle of perfume. I already have my boarding card (online check-in) and I have special Priority boarding, before screaming little kids and old disabled people, since I’m a VIP :lmao:

This trip will be quick & funny… I’m looking forward to it!

Basically what is happening is:
6:00pm- Arrive to Paris, met by my mother in her car
9:00pm- Arrive to Calais and get Euro Tunnel back to the UK, then check into our hotel
*skip to next morning*
9:00am- Wake up, have breakfast
11:00am- Drive all the way to Glasgow (that will take like 10 hours, maybe less, depending if my mom speeds!)

Then back home hopefully for like 10ish PM :dance:

The reason behind this trip is that my father will be away on business for a month, and my mom doesnt want to stay in Paris alone, so she’s coming over to stay with me for a month and look after me 😀

The best part is, I can stock the car up with my favourite french things I cannot buy in the UK 😛

So take care, have a great weekend everyone 😀

To accompany myself on the long trip ahead stuck in a car with my mom, I decided to make a CD mix (since I don’t have the iPod thingy for the car). So once again, I’m being uber nice and letting you share the music with me.

Click on each song to preview & then download *dances*

1. chris brown feat t-pain- kiss kiss
2. 50 cent feat justin timberlake- ayo technology
3. amerie feat fabolous & slim thug- that’s what you are
4. fall out boy feat. kanye west & lil wayne- arms race (remix)
5. fabolous feat jagged edge- make me better (remix)
6. santana feat musiq – nothing at all
7. eric arceneaux- say goodbye
8. cassie- is it you
9. cassidy feat. fabolous- how do i breathe (remix)
10. mutya buena- suffer for love
11. ashanti & nelly- switch
12. isreal feat fabolous- in love with you
13. i got it from my mama
14. christina christian- hypnotized
15. jennifer lopez- hold it dont drop it
16. jojo- beautiful girls
17. mutya buena- paperbag
18. keyshia cole- i should’ve cheated
19. adina howard- lova
20. sean paul- pick it up and drop it
21. christina milian feat ben frank- one
22. kat deluna feat elephant man- whine up
23. lil wayne- la la la

That a girl goes through
When I’m angry inside
Don’t want to take it out on you
Just one of them days
Don’t take it personal
I just wanna be all alone

*snaps out of the Monica mood*

In all honestly, my head has been all over the place today… infact scatter brain is a word that could be used. I tried to concentrate studying finishing my 11 projects I need to finish by Sept 3rd, but I couldn’t. My brain wouldn’t focus! Today has been weird, I think my hormones are all over the place! I was watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition earlier and started crying everytime they talk about the family they are doing the makeover for :whoa:

And now, I’m online but I don’t really want to talk to anyone, my parents and grandfather called but I didn’t really talk much to them. Oh & I spent 3 hours searching for my passport for Wednesday and in the end, turns out it’s not even with me, I left it with my Grandfather for safe keeping ARGGH! I even forgot about cooking dinner, all I’ve ate today is scrambled eggs for breakfast with a slice of wholemeal bread and 1/2 a carrot.

I want to sleep, but I know I won’t be able to sleep if I go to bed right now since the nightclub across the road has it’s music up louder than normal and I can listen word for word every lyric and what the DJ is saying over the MIC! ARRRGH… I wish I was sleeping in the country side at my grandfather’s house where you can sleep a night without ANY noise, so quiet you can hear a pin drop or the birds chirping outside lol I need to go to his tomorrow (thats actually today now!) to pick up my passport so I’ll probably sleep over so I can function a little better.

In other news, these pills I’m taking are messing my body up! You know inside they always have a little flyer about the medicine and the side effects? Well trust me to get all the side effects… these are: migranes, stomach pain, boobs are hard as rocks (NOT a good thing!), drowsiness, disorientation & getting so hot at night that you have to through all the covers off and basically sleep semi-naked (also NOT a good thing, cause no doubt I’ll end up with the flu by the end of next week). But for all those side effects, it’s supposidly helping me so I gotta wait til my body gets adjusted to 1800mg of big white ugly pills a day x the rest of my frikin life!

Oh & to make things worse, I had some fat free vanilla ice cream last night and I felt so dizzy like I was going to pass out. I never realised that if I ate the “no no” things that I’d feel like my head was going round the biggest rollercoaster in the world at the speed of light (okay a *slight* exaggeration).

Which reminds me… I have to make a week long food diary for the next specialist I’ve to see on the 20th *argggh* I’m going to a Nutritionist as I need to be on a special Glucose/Insulin diet for my stupid annoying ovary which is pissing me off now beyond belief. If I just ripped out all my girlie reproductive organs I’d be as fit as a fiddle, but sadly I want mini-ananyah’s so I can’t. I swear that I’ll torture my future kids on this for the rest of their lives, damn right lol

I’m going to take John Mayer, Michael Buble, Corrinne Bailey Rae & anyone else who will join me to bed and listen to relaxing songs before I pass out for the night.

Have you ever had one of those days?

It involves a one way ticket to Paris, a Kuwaiti, GPS System, lots of snacks & my iPod!

Did I forget to mention that I’m not allowed to bring ANY clothes with me? Only what I’ll have on & my handbag!

My mother is insane!

Note: The Kuwaiti is actually a car which happens to be my mom’s CLK, it even has the mishref jam3iya tissue box to prove it lol

Pea Pods, Mange Tout, Sugar Snap Peas… whatever you call ’em

Strawberry, Banana & Mango Smoothie

At least the fishy cravings have gone & it’s nice I’m not craving junk food for once lol

Maybe these pills I’m on are good after all hahahahha :lmao:

Ever since I got the implant in my arm which pumps hormones into my blood stream, I’ve been having weird cravings for things I hated in the past. I think I’m mentally pregnant lol

For 2 days now, I’ve been craving FISH! Now anyone who knows me knows that I detest fish with a passion, I cannot stand it. But there I was yesterday buying fish and eating it. I woke up today craving more fish AND raw tomatoes which I also cannot stand… oh & drinking full fat milk which I never drink (I like the skimmed one)

As I’m typing this I’m craving fish which has been baked then grilled gently, then lemon drizzled ontop :yum:

Damn it I’m going insane!