OMFG It FINALLY happened! I’ve had just over 1 Million visitors to my little blog since it opened in 2003 *gasp*. Last night I was writing a post about my stats and it was 700 short of 1 Million, then I lost my post as I closed the window by mistake and now as I’m writing this I have 1,000,367 total visitors and 7 people online right now *waves*.

I wonder who the 1 millionth visitor was :dance:

So want to know some interesting statistics?

Along with the 1 millionth+ visitors (and growing), there has been 12,006,641 hits on my blog since August 2006. The majority of my visitors spend on average 18.49 minutes reading my blog, 87.52% are returning visitors and 12.48% are new visitors. 77.83% of my visitors come here directly, and 21.14% come from referring sites (those lovely people who link to me).

The top 20 referrers are:

The top 20 countries visiting my blog are:

    1. UAE
    2. UK
    3. Kuwait
    4. Qatar
    5. Canada
    6. Bahrain
    7. Saudi Arabia
    8. Lebanon
    9. Malaysia
    10. USA
    11. Germany
    12. Sweden
    13. Singapore
    14. France
    15. India
    16. Oman
    17. Egypt
    18. Jordan
    19. Hungary
    20. Australia

Others (to name a few) include China, Spain, Pakistan, Romania and Czech Republic… so my blog is pretty international ha! How exciting! I’m actually really suprised at the variety of different countries visiting.

I wonder who the person Kitchener, Canada is who spent 18 mins on my blog and has visited over 19 times in July… or what about the person in Massachusetts, USA who spent 11 minutes on my blog and visited 18 times… or even the person in Slough, UK who spent a whooping 55 minutes browsing my blog and visited 75 times this month alone *gasp*.

Pretty interesting… say hi next time you people 😉

I really hope that my blog continues to grow and grow and I really wanna thank you guys out there for commenting AND making my blog popular 😀

Now I wanna ask you all some questions….

    What do you HONESTLY think about my blog and what I write?
    Would you change anything about it?
    What do you HONESTLY think about me, myself… the person behind the blog?

I’m not gonna censor anyone’s comments, you can praise me or insult me… I just want a really honest reaction from my readers, all those 1 Million+ of you :dance:


  1. Oh goodie! An invitation to diss Queen Ananyah publically- and by who? Herself! Now that’s one thing I wouldn’t miss hehehe Ok, first off CONGRATS!!!! on the 1 millionth. AND HOW COME I’M NOT MENTIONED ON THAT LIST YOU LIL GOO-CAN!!

    Secondly, I think your blog has improved a lot. I like your new posts. I didn’t like your “going-personal-phase” at all. I didn’t feel comfortable reading all the nifty details and sad long stories. I think you should keep them to yourself and just continue to write happy productive posts (and dont complain a lot). I like the confident happy ananyah.

    Finally, the new template looks really cool and mature, unlike the white-pink-blue lollypop cutsie-style (which we’ve had enough of). I like the art at the top and the grey tones remind me of Zouq’s blog. You should get married now since your blogs match =P I always thought you and Jaqui are a good match for him. And here I go opening Pandora’s box =P

    Hope that was helpful.

  2. *waves back* Yaaay congrats WOAH! 1M is a big number *faint* mashallah .. you totally deserve it & so do ur blog!

    What do you HONESTLY think about my blog and what I write?

    I like yr blog, I like the variety in it.

    Would you change anything about it?

    hmm the current colors of the layout! maybe!

    What do you HONESTLY think about me, myself… the person behind the blog?

    Honest bout herself & others! open minded!
    finally yr hyperness at a times & madness 😆
    wishing you best of luck Micho 😉

  3. Congratulations on reaching 1 million visitors! That is quite a milestone! It’s no surprise to me because I think your blog is well-written. I always know what the next hot songs are thanks to you 🙂 You have been very kind to me in the few short months since I have started my blog and you have been nothing but helpful. I want to thank you for that! I’m glad you get a lot of readers from because you have been a high referrer on there too! xx, Zahra

  4. Everyone is enjoying what you do, just keep doing what you do! Nothing more… I’m too tired to comment any more then this! lol!

  5. Hey nani =)
    Im one of your statistics from Malaysia. Never commented before due to your site being suspicious of me as a spammer ;p (haha..)
    Ive been visiting your blog for a little over a year and I find it very addictive! I like a lot of your posts simply because you’re being true to yourself when writing it.. and to read about everyday things from someone who shares it as it is so.. real. I feel like you’re a friend I never met which i can relate to =)
    I have no rule or request as to how to blog for you, because that is exactly what made you SO special. Just do it like you do =)

    oh, i completely agree that you pick out the best songs before they become hits over here in my place. So hear, hear you! 😀

    Nice new blog look too..
    and oh, i loved all your templates before, so if ever you wanna give them (codes) away for free. You’re most welcome!

    Happy 1,000,000th+ visitors!


  6. congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatulations babe
    you deserve it 😀

  7. Missy-TheOriginal– hahahhaah you can diss me if u want *puppy eyes* I’m trying to be more happy, infact I am happy and I guess it reflects on my posts lol I hate writing long depressing posts heheheh & no I’m not gonna marry Zouk haha he’s my best friend!

    Dreamy– It’s a HUUUUGE number heheh pretty scary! Why don’t you like the current colors? Not pinky enough hehehe you are right, I am hyper hahahahah thx for commenting and being a top referrer ;p~

    Zahra– thank you dearrr! I’ll keep posting the hot songs hahahha most ppl seem to love them hahahaha you’re site is amazing as well and I’m glad to help and refer all my readers to ur blog cause I love it!

    Bob– Thank youuuu 😀

    Zouk– I shall 😀

    Puteri– HELLOOOO *Waves* I wouldn’t have though u were spam! It’s nice to see you here hehehehe how on earth did you ever find my site? If you want one of my old themes then sure I’ll give it to you (just change the header hehe) Thank you for ur kind words *hug* and comment more from now on 😉

    Sou– Yaaaaaaaaaaaay *wooohoooo*

    Mazz– Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  8. You are crazy.

    You should kill me then kill yourself because I would no longer be the sunshine in your life (wait maybe you should kill yourself first)

    You should shoot Zouk’s black tush ;p

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